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  1. sclb

    Potato bin hire

    Can anyone tell me what the going rate is for hiring potato bins? Approx 60 for 6 weeks for pumpkins.
  2. sclb

    11.2 10 x 28 rear tyre(s)

    As above, am looking for one or two part worn, but usable, tyres for my MF 135. Many thanks, Stephen 07881 550751
  3. sclb


    We are looking for any quantity of pumpkins - size, shape, colour not important. Or contacts of growers who may be able to help. Many thanks,
  4. sclb

    Marconi Moisture Meter

    I bought this from a neighbour several years ago, I've never used it, but he assured me it worked. Calibration sheet and instructions included. Near Tunbridge Wells, Kent/Sussex border Stephen 07881 550751 £50
  5. sclb

    Stanhay drill parts

    Looking for the hexagonal drive shaft 1.8m wide for a mk2 drill. 3x belts, base plates and chokes for larger seeds Thanks!
  6. sclb

    Building insurance

    Does anyone have a ballpark figure for agricultural building insurance? I am just starting negotiation with my landlord (who has been given a high quote imo), and wanted something to come back to him with. I tried the NFU Mutual just for an estimate but they refused (or couldn't) because I was a...
  7. sclb

    Stanhay drill belts

    Belts to fit Robin/S870 drill units suitable for sowing pumpkins. Ideally three.
  8. sclb

    Land Rover 200tdi engine

    Land Rover 200tdi engine sitting on a pallet. Taken from a Discovery, was a perfect runner when removed. £200 + VAT Located near Tunbridge Wells, (Kent/Sussex border)
  9. sclb

    Chaviot/Land Rover question

    I have bought a Chaviot 2000 with a non running 200Tdi engine. I thought it was a 300 so bought a replacement 300 to go in it (until I took the sprayer off and could see more clearly!). Will the 300 just swap places with the 200 or do I need to find another 200? I'm thinking engine mount points...
  10. sclb

    BTF East Kent 28th March veg and arable kit giving up onions and cauli
  11. sclb

    Claas Scorpion help

    My friends 6030 has a rear hub that has jammed solid and much damage has occurred. We have taken it apart to see what's what and will be making a list of required parts in the morning and getting a price from Claas. But in the meantime, is it possible to get Spicer axle parts direct or from...
  12. sclb

    Compact tractor attachments

    I'm looking for a cultivator and set of mounted discs to go behind my Kubota B 6000. 1 - 1.2m wide, 3 point linkage. Or could even hire for a short period if preferred? Or any ideas who deals in these used? I'm in the South East. Thanks.
  13. sclb

    Self-propelled sprayers: Other - 902

    Self-propelled sprayers: Other - 902 Category: Self-propelled sprayers Manufacturer: Other Price: £2250 Condition: Used Description: Chaviot 902, year 1988, 12/24m booms, 1600 litre tank, VW engine and gearbox, 2 sets of wheels. A good, reliable, light-weight sprayer. Images: See the...
  14. sclb

    Lambert & Foster, Nr. Ashford , Kent on Sat 24th Sept
  15. sclb

    Bunded or not?

    We need a new oil tank for the house, should we go bunded or not, or are there regulations about this? They are about twice the price. Also, are there any rules or guidelines as to how close to the house said tank should or shouldn't go?
  16. sclb

    Valueing growing crops

    ....... for the bank manager. I'm growing fruit and veg, and whilst the annual crops are fairly straight forward to put a value on within the growing year, I'm struggling with the perennial crops. eg apples, high initial investment in year one, and little or no return until year three or four...