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    Old mchale balers

    When did mchale make the v660 with metal panel guards? Were they any good?
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    Boris on the ropes

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    Kuhn 4002 power harrow spares

    Looking for packer roller and used tine holders
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    Prairies flooded

    Canadian prairies are too wet to seed. Mid west usa burning up Watch markets monday
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    Who gives a flying feck whether Starmer had a beer?

    As sbove??
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    Insect hoover

    Does anyone remember or have one of these things that sucked insects off crops and mashed them? They shook The shook the crop with a bar and a big fan sucked them into a crusher type thing?
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    Oramec out of date

    Aug 21 use by date Is this ok or not?
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    Dual power repair

    Is this a big job on tw?
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    Tractor search

    If you were looking for say a case puma 165, is there any way of searching all the online sales in the uk?
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    Putin to take back Alaska

    Putin wants the old empire back, and alaska is nice and close
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    Articulated fiat tractor

    Has cheffins sold that artc fiat 44-28 i think it was?
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    Cold tractor wont drive

    Autocommand new holland just jumps to neutral constantly until well warmed up for two hours plus Anyone else had this,?
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    Accord land wheel

    Anyone got one spare?
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    Eu announces intervention return

    The EU has just announced that intervention buying is to return this year to bring stability to the market and grain growers. Wheat to be guaranteed at around 300 euros per tonne.
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    No diesel

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    Twose rollers

    Anyone got a spare folding ram?
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    Will this work this yr?
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    Eu to propose to use 500 million Euro emergency fund to help farmers

    Just seen this on bloomberg Oh wait….
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    Oilseed rape at 1000 euros/ton

    Osr is within a spit of 1000 euros a ton on paris futures😱
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    Autocommand cutting drive

    Nh 7050 autocommand just keeps cutting out to neutral . Needs half an hour to warm up to get over it, but now its warm still at it. Anyone else had this?