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  1. Bloders

    EX60-2 track motor

    Hello On the Hitachi EX60-2 track motor it started leaking hydraulic oil. The hub is full of hydraulic oil. Can anyone advise which part has gone. Ive done a bit of reading but a bit unsure tbh @Jimmy Mc have you any idea? thank you
  2. Bloders

    solar panels

    Hello We have a 4kw solar sytem on the shed. This is as much as teh DNO will allow. I am thinking of installing a further 8KW on teh roof and a mechanism to prevent exporting more than the original 4kw. Can I do this without notifying anyone? (its for my use and i wont be exporting any of it) I...
  3. Bloders

    Battery packs

    Hello Im looking for some "Sub C", 5000 mAH batteries, like used in power tools etc Im struggling to find them. Any suggestions on suppliers please?
  4. Bloders

    Massey MK1 65

    Hello So ive got round to starting to look at the 65. Its a mark 1. Does anyone have either en engine manual, or the torques and other various settings for it please? (A4.192 engine) Ive undone all the head bolts but it wont budge - i assume its stuck on the head bolts? Where do people...
  5. Bloders

    JCB Phaser engine

    back again Our 1994 2cx has a Perkins engine. It has an engine build code AA, full code is AA 50429 U628185X I believe this is a phaser 1004 engine and an early build type. It is leaking water through the cylinder wall into the bore. Ive been told it does not have a liner, it is machined block...
  6. Bloders

    Perkins timing case

    Hello. Got a massey 6460 T2, with the Perkins 1000 engine (and VP44 pump, yes - that one) The alternator bracket has snapped off the timing case (examining the fracture, its been broken a while). Ive quickly asked a couple of people if they can weld it in place, both of whom have sadly declined...
  7. Bloders

    Raven Cruizer

    Hello Ive got a Raven Cruizer. Today its stopped working and says "No GPS". Does anyone have any ideas please? Is it likely the unit itself or the antennae kaput? I see previously @Thick Farmer had one requiring repair - who fixes these things? Struggle to spread fert without it nowadays :(...
  8. Bloders

    sprayer valve.

    i have a "small" sprayer boom (2 nozles only) which is fed from a 12v sprayer, like people use on a quad. i had a solenoid valve which is not great. Im looking for sugegstions on what type of on off valve i could use please. thanks
  9. Bloders

    Ink jet printer

    I need a new printer. I cant decide whether to go for a cheap printer with cartridges, or a more expensive printer with "tanks" Im erring on the tank printer. Can anyone recomend a decent printer witht he following spec colour printer scanner duplex printing wifi/ethernet connection thanks!
  10. Bloders


    Hello What torch's do people find the best. Used for int he workshop and general farm use. Weve had a selection now, ranging in price from £10 to £40 and they dont seem to last so well. thank you
  11. Bloders

    Stone wall sealant

    Hello We need to seal up an old stone wall, and also a concrete block manhole. I guess im after a product whihc can be sprayed on, though it like a bitumen. Can anybody suggest something and where to aquire it from please. thank you
  12. Bloders

    tines for grab

    Hello Who on here sells the tines and bushes for grabs please. i think i want 10 tines with 20mm thread 2 tines and bushes for 28mm thread length is about 900mm Above are all subject to checking again tomorrow (measure twice cut once style)
  13. Bloders

    Satellite Broadband

    Hello... So weve had satellite broadand for a number of years now, without any real issue. The data limits are a pita and its fairly expensive, but it works. However, weve now had no connection for 3 weeks, and the company ( Big Blue ) are, IMO pretty poor. So ive got to looking at other...
  14. Bloders

    Sprayer fittings

    I need a couple of fittings similar to the ones in the picture. Anybody know what they called please, and who sells them thanks
  15. Bloders

    pto gearbox

    Me again... Im revamping the PTO pressure washer. Id like to reduce the PTO speed so either pulleys or a small gearbox. I prefer a gearbox as there are no wearing parts (aeas for rubbish to get in and spoil the belts) Having a look online and the usual suspects only seem to supply gearboxes for...
  16. Bloders

    Hitachi EX60

    Hello Got the old EX60-2 as have posted about before. Was fine the other day. PArked it up. Started it the next day and the engine was labouring and a burning (rubber) smell and smoke coming from the "bello housing" Stopped it, had a look about and could see nothing. Started it back up and its...
  17. Bloders

    1000 litre sprayer

    Hello Looking for a 1000 litre sprayer for parts. I only want the frame and tank - anything about?
  18. Bloders

    Scam inverter service?

    Anyone else receive letters like this? I assume it is a scam? Hpw do you go about reporting such misleading communications?
  19. Bloders

    sustainable wood for RHI

    Im after some information relating to which logs are suitable for burning in a boiler and claim the RHI. If a site is registered as self supply and consequently have a BSL number, can they purchase rounds from a sustainable source? If so, what are the requirements? Does ths site use their 'self...
  20. Bloders

    Kubota RTV oil

    Hello again Just looking to service teh Kubota RTV again. Kubota unsurprisingly specify their own oil. The same stuff goes in the engine, hydraulics and the transmission. Has anybody reviewed teh technical specs to establish whether Universal Tractor oil can be used? Ive put UTTO in the engine...