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  1. Steel

    Faba beans for lambing ewes

    I usually lamb on pasture, but due to getting overexcited and putting my rams in earlier than usual I now have Ewes about to lamb and no pasture. They are currently on oaten hay and a mixture of Faba Beans and Wheat. I can split them into mobs of 100 to reduce missmothering, and will continue...
  2. Steel

    Phacelia seeds

    Phacelia seed seems impossible to get in Australia in packets larger than 50 seeds. Does anyone know anything about exporting seed to Australia or possibly have done it before.
  3. Steel

    Combination cropping

    I read on this site a while back about combination cropping. This has got me thinking ad I want to try some. I have decided this year to try a Wheat Faba Bean combination. I hope the crop competition should keep weeds suppressed. My main concern is harvest. To thrash the wheat out of the heads...