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  1. mr grumpy

    Single variety grass ley

    Anyone using just a single variety grass mixed with a clover blend in a ley? What's the pros and cons, price point, disease? Looking for a 3-5 year ley used mostly for 3-4 cuts on heavyish land. Any advice?
  2. mr grumpy

    Amazon green drill

    Anyone got any experience or views on using a amazon green drill on the back of there power harrows. How will does it work for grass seed and did anyone change there packer roller to more of a ring roller instead. Thanks in advance ?
  3. mr grumpy

    New tractor issue

    Agreed to part ex our old tractor for a brand new tractor in late August. Delivery of new tractor was going to be early to mid Jan. Get a phonecall just after new year to say tractor is in dealer yard, great get finances as signed up and insurance sorted ready for delivery asap. But we do have...
  4. mr grumpy

    Soil testing for earth bank lagoon

    Dug the sample holes and took plenty of photos, anyone know a good lab to send it off to a what I should be expecting to pay
  5. mr grumpy

    Cord wood

    Got a load of cord wood from hedge laying from the last few years , it's all stored in a shed, mixture of holy, ash, cherry, some oak, and withy. Got someone interested in buying it for a wood chip boiler. What should I be charging him? , and what's the best way to got about it? Get it chipped...
  6. mr grumpy

    Mobile sheep race

    As above second hand or nearly new, any make considered Thanks
  7. mr grumpy

    Farm bike

    Looking for a farm 2 wheeler. Having little success and not overly sure what I'm looking for or where to look. Any tips what to look out for
  8. mr grumpy

    Dairy Management Academy

    Anyone done it?? Is it good/learn a lot?
  9. mr grumpy

    mixing concentrate's with silage

    Anyone doing it? What are you mix in with your clamp silage, at what rate are you mixing it in at. And what's the best way for a even distribution across the entire clamp?
  10. mr grumpy

    landrover tyers/rims

    Need a new set of tyres for our defender 90. But I don't know a thing about proper tyre sizes and rims. Land rover just used for field use, so want the largest least ground compacting rims and tyers you can get. Spoken to a few others and they were on about modular rim's so the turning circle...
  11. mr grumpy

    milk sampling

    Our milk buyer has changed haulage firms and since this has happened our butter fat has been jumping up and down a bit, im not saying its them its just a line of thought. Had two tests two days apart and the bf moved up 0.37 and then on other tests it will jump down the same. The tanker drivers...
  12. mr grumpy

    contract rearing ewe lambs

    Does anyone no if contract rearing ewe lambs would work, as in the same way people contract rear heifers?
  13. mr grumpy

    Polled Hereford Bull

    Polled hereford bull for sale east devon area, 3years old, Honest reason for sale, a bit big for calving onto our heifers, has produced some fantastic calves. Will be sold next saturday at sedgemoor market if no interest, will get pictures on thursday to see
  14. mr grumpy

    parlour washings

    Would like to change our wash out system a bit, ideally I would like to run the parlour washings back into the volume washer pump to wash down the parlour, would the detergent be a problem for the pump as I seals and rusting the inside. Thanks
  15. mr grumpy

    grass mixture advice

    Could do with a bit of advice on a mixture on what to put into a few fields to reseed. I fields are poor quality, we have cleared bits of it re drained alot of very wet ground, soil carries from lots of stone in some areas to patch of peat in others. The plan of re seeding will be to spray off...
  16. mr grumpy

    mollases in blend

    Sugar beet 15.6% Dist maize grains 15.6% Rolled barley 15.6% molasses 15.6% hipro soya 22% rapeseed 15.6% Nutritionist wanted us to put molasses in feed for cows, but as we have never fed it before and have no way of storing it or getting in the wagon easily we said could it be put in...
  17. mr grumpy

    quad crate

    Anyone used one or seen on in action, getting fed up with crap rear racks on quad bike that cant any weight, would it also be possible to put a Rappa fencer on them
  18. mr grumpy

    electric fencing machine

    Does anyone else apart from rappa make one to fit on a quad bike or do they have100% of the market
  19. mr grumpy

    Nitrogen in second cut grass

    Looking at second cut grass and some fields are beginning to head a little but the fert only went on on the 5th of June, wondering if there will be too much nitrogen in the grass, is there a quick and easy way of testing if there is to much in there?? Also not loads of rain in the last 3 weeks
  20. mr grumpy


    We need to start serving again next week, just wondering what everyone's breeding policy is, how may times do you serve? how many time do you serve to a replacement to come back in to your herd, and then what do you go to? Beef? Fertility +??. I was thinking of keeping our VWP at 45 days, and...