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  1. DanielBennett

    What events?

    Could do with opinions please. What farming events do you like and why? Conversly What farming events do you not like and why? Dan
  2. DanielBennett

    Has anyone used Zappshelters?

    Hi all As title says, has anyone had any experience of ZappShelters ( Or opinions appreciated. Dan
  3. DanielBennett

    Help with photos

    Hi All I hope you’re keeping well, I’m after a Hillsgreen we have just produced a report on farmers buying behaviour and I want to include some real farmer images to show that farmers aren’t just white 50-60 year old blokes (nothing against you; I’m one myself I’d really appreciate...
  4. DanielBennett

    The Cheshire Agricultural Trade Fair 28 January 2021

    A new event is coming to Cheshire in January On Thursday 28th January 2021, the Cheshire Agricultural Society are set to kick start the year with a brand-new event – The Cheshire Agricultural Trade Fair. After a year of cancelled events, Show Director of The Cheshire Agricultural Society, Rob...
  5. DanielBennett

    Tax relief for agricultural workers

    Hi Are there any tax reliefs a farm employee on PAYE basis claim? I'm wondering if tax relief can be applied to, for example, work clothing, footwear, work use of personal mobile phone, tools......anything else? Ta Dan
  6. DanielBennett

    Not a big problem in the scale of things, but tractor toolboxes?!?

    As title says this is not a massive issue, but..... I would like to safely carry a few tools, like a set of spanners, a hammer, pliars....... somewhere safely on the tractor. The toolbox is without doubt to small. Also it seems I always end up with with rachets and straps in the cab. Any...
  7. DanielBennett

    Help me answer a question about abattoirs

    Hi I am involved in a Facebook post about meat eating v vegan/vegetarian. I have been posed what strikes me as a sensible question. See below any help appreciated before I answer. “Hi Dan. Just a query if I may. I consider myself to be mostly plant based; I do occasionally have meat and...
  8. DanielBennett

    Enjoyable retort to a Vegan

  9. DanielBennett

    Weed Identification

    Hi All Back to farming and spraying after a BIG gap. I'd like to find the best book to help me identify weeds. Any suggestions please. Whilst at it, any good books to help me identify insects and diseases particularly for range of crops. Would be great if books were suitable format to carry with...
  10. DanielBennett

    Looking For Work Unique Machinery Operator/Farm Worker

    Really appreciate all the views. I had several requests for my CV and various chats which resulted in a number of job offers. I've accepted a job starting when I get back from New Zealand. If you're looking for a job, posting on The Farming Forum seems to be a very good thing. Thanks all...
  11. DanielBennett

    How do I find my messages?

    Hi It says I have 3 messages but can't find how to access them. Please help. Dan
  12. DanielBennett

    Unique Tractor Driver/GFW

    Hi Thanks for checking me out. I am a competent machinery operator who will work hard for you, and take great care of your expensive kit! So the reality is I'm 51 years old. I have just returned to farming after a 28 year gap thanks to a contact of a contact. And its made me realise this is...