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  1. Tompkins

    MF 6480 Cunningham Cover

    As above, not worried if it says 6475 or whatever on it. Its a Tier 3 2012 model. TIA
  2. Tompkins

    MF 6480 wheels/tyres

    Anything considered but ideally 650/65R38 and 540/65R28 on solid centres.
  3. Tompkins

    MF 966 loader problem

    Bought a 6480 last year with a 966 loader. I haven't needed to use it much but for some reason sometimes it won't go up and the tilt/crowd and 3rd service is really slow all the time. It seems if I start moving with the tractor the loader will then intermittently rise at full speed but not for...
  4. Tompkins

    MAC Lime & Fertiliser

    MAC Lime & Fertiliser are a new family business specialising in soil sampling and analysis as well as supply and application of lime and fibrophos fertiliser. With over 15 years experience of using alternative PK fertiliser, we believe we can provide a cost effective, accurate and timely service...
  5. Tompkins

    Lime Spreader

    Bredal K65/85 or Agri-spread AS65/85, must be tidy and ready for work.
  6. Tompkins

    JD C670 down on power

    As above, already drained the tank and cleaned filter, changed fuel pipe to the pump. As soon as I drive into the crop the engine dies, sometimes below 2000rpm. Blocked it twice on rape as it didn't have the power to push the green stalks through at night[emoji26] Anyone had similar problems?
  7. Tompkins

    Honeywell air temp dials

    Anyone know where I can get one of these or know anyone who knows a bit about them? Tried to fire up the dryer and this one seems dead!
  8. Tompkins

    Slugs on rape pods

    Just having a quick look at how the rape is podding up and can't believe the number of slugs on the pods! What damage will they do now, if any?
  9. Tompkins

    Loader beam - Bristol to Campbeltown

    Any ideas?
  10. Tompkins

    Bristol to Aberystwyth

    Need to move a trailed tedder next week, quote me.
  11. Tompkins

    What's this?

    Anyone tell me what this is scattered across a new ley?
  12. Tompkins

    Sulky X44 actuator problem

    One of the actuators that varies the openers has become intermittent to the point we have had to set the rate and drive at a set speed. Anyone managed to fix the problem or is it a case of fitting a new one?
  13. Tompkins

    Bristol to Ipswich

    6 cylinder 125hp tractor to move from Pensford near Bristol to Ipswich.
  14. Tompkins

    Orwell barley seed

    Approx. 950kg of KWS Orwell winter barley seed, manganese treated. Collect from BS39 4DB
  15. Tompkins

    Differing pH results

    Due to forgetting it had already been done, I have a field that been tested twice in 18 months. Once in March 2017 and again a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the samples have not been taken from the same points but the pH is wildly different. The March 17 result is 7.1 whilst the result from a few...
  16. Tompkins

    MF 6499 flotation wheels/tyres

    Anyone got anything suitable?
  17. Tompkins

    JD 630 pickup auger

    As above, need the auger on the pickup, would consider a whole header at the right money. TIA
  18. Tompkins

    Summer green manure crop

    What would be the best thing to plant in May on heavy wet clay with a plan to either plough in, or DD wheat in September?
  19. Tompkins

    Summer green manure crop

    What would be the best thing to plant in May on heavy wet clay with a plan to either plough in, or DD wheat in September?
  20. Tompkins

    Claydon drill - no forward speed?

    Went to make a start yesterday afternoon, calibrated fine, dropped into the ground and realised there was no speed on the control box. Every now and then I get a phantom reading anywhere between 1-1000 kph! Checked all the wiring and plugs, sprayed plugs with contact spray, checked RDS box...