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    Anyone from near Ecton Northamptonshire?

    If anyone's from near Ecton Northamptonshire could you pm me I could just do with some info on a company near's nothing bad just curious about something , thanks in advance :)
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    Cheffins Cambridge website

    We all know that the website is horrendous to navigate, but in the past it used to be possible to view the sale live as a guest, but I can't seem to be able to do it now? Looks like they don't use ibidder anymore as there's no sales listed for cheffins on the ibidder website :(
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    Farm Tractors: John Deere - 7530

    Farm Tractors: John Deere - 7530 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: John Deere Price: £30000 Condition: Used Description: John deere 7530 for sale, This has been my pride and joy, owner driven since 600 ish hours, 2009, 50k, auto quad, 3x electric spools, front linkage, hyd top...
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    6210R in cheffins today...

    Just been browsing the results anyone know what the score is with this 6210r seems a bargain even if it needed 10k chucking at it :scratchhead:
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    255/55R19 x4 general grabbers or similar

    Looking for 4x 255/55R19 General grabber AT3 or similar good year etc etc
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    2x 650/65R42 2x 710/70R38

    Not happy with the rough ride my bkt Tyres give fitted to 2 of my tractors, So looking for a quote for vredestein tyres 2x650/65r42 2x710/70r38 If a part ex could be done on the bkt's that'd be a bonus 650's are 90% 710's are a good 75% Have owned them from new they've never had any...
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    Thermal arc 202 tig welder

    Getting a few quotes together, best quote gets the buisness, Wanted thermal arc 202 tig welder, complete with some stainless and alloy filler rods and a hobby type argon gas bottle, and some tig consumables, @Welding Supplies Direct do you want to quote?
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    Best 13.6 R38 tyres for a vintage tractor?! International 614

    Bit of a odd question maybe, but I don't fancy putting modern looking bkt or similar on my original condition ih614, anyone got any suggestions as to what looks proper? Can you still get Goodyear diamonds from the British rubber company? Tyres on it currently are very perished on the sidewalls
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    Tipping Trailers: Other - Fruehauf

    Tipping Trailers: Other - Fruehauf Category: Tipping Trailers Manufacturer: Other Price: £6000 Condition: Used Description: 2003 fruehauf rib sided tipper SAF discs with front lift axle, all brake discs in excellent condition, alloys 3x tyres @ 75% 3x tyres @ 50% Tyres are not...
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    Selection of John Deere rims and tyres

    I'm having a clear out of some surplus wheels and have available, 2x 20.8 42 on rims to suit John Deere cast centres (55 series/7600-7810/ upto 7930) 1xcontinental(flat) 1x Goodyear both 70% £300 2x 20.8 38 on rims to suit John Deere cast centres as above vredestein 30% £250 2x 15x30...
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    Jcb fastrac 3185 axles

    front and rear axles off a burnt 3185 auto shift we are scrapping Front axle near enough untouched by fire and looks good comes complete £400 Rear axle has heavy fire damage but hub and diff parts may still be serviceable? Sold complete with linkage also well burnt £200 07834001234
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    Jcb fastrac 145 cab and other parts

    Jcb fastrac 145 cab, minus the n/s door Nothing special at all someone might have a use for some of the glass or bits still fitted, Having a clear out so if it's not sold pretty handy it'll be scrapped, Cab is £150 I also have a bare chassis with a few bits left on it but be quick if...
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    Legras walking floor trailer ideal for farm yard use

    2001 legras walking floor I bought this trailer from copart, it's been on its side so has damage/gravel rash but it towed well home, the chassis and walking floor gear look sound(the planks are worn but fine for farm yard/site use) I bought it with the intention of using it for spares for...
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    Vintage Tractors: International - Btd6

    Vintage Tractors: International - Btd6 Category: Vintage Tractors Manufacturer: International Price: £1500 Condition: Used Description: 2 international btd6 dozers, both have there good and bad points, 1 complete and assembled was running when parked needed attention to steering...
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    John Deere error

    anyone ever come across this: Thanks in it's not the head gasket:p:stop: @NZ Tech
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    Running Mchale hs2000 behind f550

    Hi does anyone have any pics of what holes they've got the drawbar set, I've got a mate who's just wondering how everyone else whos running a hs2000 behind a f550 has there's set up Thanks in advance
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    does anyone have a copart account on here? I'm tryin to get intouch with a friend who I know has a account but can't at the minute, if all else fails does anyone on here have a account they can bid/buy something for me? Thanks in advance
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    Mechanicing available john deere North shropshire

    Hi, as a lot of folks on here know I enjoy working on most stuff John Deere inperticular, I'm not looking to poach anybody's work but just thought Id put it out there that I have the skills and decent workshop facilities to do almost any job, and id enjoy taking a few more repair jobs on, a few...
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    Hedge Cutters: Mc Connel - Pa55

    Hedge Cutters: Mc Connel - Pa55 Category: Hedge Cutters Manufacturer: Mc Connel Price: £9000 Condition: Used Description: Mcconnel pa55 2010 xtc controls with 1.5 head and excellent flails, very tidy for year no play in it, head and rotor are in excellent condition, roller still fitted...
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    Anyone near Worthing?

    Might have somthing to go and see in Worthing it's along way from home, so is anyone on here local? Just want to make sure the said item actually exists and isn't a total nail:nailbiting: