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  1. bluegreen

    Suicide??? How some life assurance companies are dealing with vaccines deaths.
  2. bluegreen

    British Medical Journal demands immediate release of all covid 19 vaccines treatments data.
  3. bluegreen

    Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As Governments Claim: Legal Advocacy Group

    Authored by Andrew Chen via The EPoch Times, Vaccines are not as effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 as governments have claimed them to be, an analysis of government narratives conducted by a constitutional rights group shows. The report (pdf), published Tuesday by the Justice Centre...
  4. bluegreen

    A Woman is a Woman, A Man is a Man.........Mr Putins Annual Press Conference.

    ZERO HEDGE article During his marathon annual year-end press conference Q&A, which this year lasted about four hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again vowed to defend Russian society against the intrusion of the corrupted values of the West, in particular blasting the "gender...
  5. bluegreen

    Olly Blogs goes combining December!!

    Olly is trying to double crop barley for a third season using his 8700 Lexion and rather smart 960TT Tractor
  6. bluegreen

    USA Constitutional Convention on the way!

    Well its taken a few months longer than I expected, but its going to happen :finger: September 24, 2021 To the citizens of the United States of America, We the undersigned state legislators of the United States are vested with the plenary power by our US Constitution (Article 2 Section 1...
  7. bluegreen

    New Massey 7S

    What are they doing!! The current 7S series tractors look great, but these forthcoming 2022 ones look awful!! You know, sometimes guys "retro" just doesnt cut it, Leave the damn cab frame black!!
  8. bluegreen

    Farage criticizes Euro 2021 BLM

    On this occasion I totally agree with Nigel Farage. Taking the knee is far more than a statement against racism.
  9. bluegreen

    Dr Tony Fauci Email reveals.

    Predictably the left (CNN etc) have swept the emails under the carpet, so kudos too Tucker Carlson for shining a light on them!
  10. bluegreen

    CLAAS Jaguar 960 Terra Trac

    Are any of these Jaguar TTs running in the UK yet? They look quite impressive, I would have thought with all the crap weather we get in the UK autumns that they could become quite popular.
  11. bluegreen

    Claas Lexion Hybrid 7600 vs Lexion 6 Walker 6900

    Im curious to know how well the 6900 straw walker combine compares to the 7600 hybrid. They both share the same 507hp engine and physical size/ graintank size so I wasn't surprised to read that the 6900 was a big improvement over the old 670 flagship 6 walker model. Does the 6900 mean some...
  12. bluegreen

    The Great Reset

    Rolled out with indecent haste!
  13. bluegreen

    The Fix is in!!

    we'll drink and we'll dance 'Til the end of our days 'cause it ain't left to chance that we win 'Cause the fix, the fix is in
  14. bluegreen

    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    I was reliably informed yesterday that both the Democrats and Republicans have are armed to the teeth with huge legal teams with over 500 Lawyers ready and awaiting the aftermath of this coming election results. Both camps have one remit, under any circumstances DO NOT CONCEDE!!!!!! What this...
  15. bluegreen

    Hunter Biden's 'Laptop From Hell' Was a National Security Nightmare

    Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop contained a 'treasure trove of top-secret material, including his father's private emails and mobile phone numbers,' and was protected by the password "Hunter02", according to the Daily Mail. The younger Biden's MacBook Pro was full of 'classic blackmail material'...
  16. bluegreen

    Bidens latest speech!!!