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  1. Northern farmer

    Simple and effective GPS

    I believe all you would need is a Windows laptop or tablet suitable for the tractor cabin and a GNSS receiver. I'd recommend Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B or an equivalent product. RTK capable but not really more expensive than EGNOS only. Can start with EGNOS or in pure autonomous mode. F9P on this...
  2. Northern farmer

    Simple and effective GPS

    A cheap way for a permanent RTK base could be Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B starter kit at about €200 and an old laptop or a 50 Euro Raspberry Pi running Stefal's base. No need for RTK2GO if a public IP is available. If not, RTK2GO would be an option.
  3. Northern farmer

    Simple and effective GPS

    A fair comment. Just asking where a farmer makes more money spending (quite) a few hours? AOG is not for everyone but I bet if AOG did not exist (and wasn't as popular as it is), we would not see these Chinese products with a relatively attractive price (relative to main brands).
  4. Northern farmer

    TopconX30, Agco C3000

    If you do not have the wiring for the external switch, this is the wiring advice that I've seen earlier somewhere on this forum: "Pin 25 on the left hand plug is what I have for remote mapping on my x35 and was the same on the x30 it has 12v supplied to it when mapping" Better to search for...
  5. Northern farmer

    Amazone hydro profis

    I'm still confused. Are you saying you have a JD screen running section control but no isobus on the tractor? Or is it Amatron 3 taking care of section control (the tractor being a John Deere not relevant then)? The latter is obvious, either GPS Switch or Amatron 3 or similar (Amapad etc.) that...
  6. Northern farmer

    Amazone hydro profis

    Please clarify, this is with a "non-isobus hydro profis"?
  7. Northern farmer

    Coverage logging - Fendt Vario guide

    Yes, on the implement settings you have a number of options to set the coverage trigger.
  8. Northern farmer

    Trimble TMX2050 Coverage mapping, Horsch Muller basic terminal

    Can you help jorgenbg with the wiring to a TMX2050 screen?
  9. Northern farmer

    Trimble TMX2050 Coverage mapping, Horsch Muller basic terminal

    We're not using the TM200 screen but a TOPCON X30 where we use an external coverage switch. We actually use the Touch 800 screen but I doub't either one would provide a coverage signal output via a serial port. Indeed an Isobus drill.
  10. Northern farmer

    Trimble TMX2050 Coverage mapping, Horsch Muller basic terminal

    Is it an Isobus drill? I guess not running section control via the TMX screen. I've put a proximity switch to the rear of the drill. Tapping to the drill pressure switch would be an option but I didn't want to touch the original wiring as seeding starts/stops incorrectly in case of any...
  11. Northern farmer

    Agco/Topcon RTK GNSS not connecting

    10 to 15 satellites should be fine. A line of trees should not be bad if the rest of the sky view is clear. RTK correction signal can be bought or you can have your own base. Correction signal transfer via radio or cellular networks. Hope Richard finds you a proper way forward.
  12. Northern farmer

    Agco/Topcon RTK GNSS not connecting

    What do you mean with "the RTK signal"? You need an RTK correction signal and most often it can be transferred very reliably either via radio or via cellular internet connectivity. RTK correction updates are usually sent once per second but the receiver withstands of the order of 60 second...
  13. Northern farmer

    Trimble xcn 1050 and 900 reciever

    Is that Greenstar on RTK or something less?
  14. Northern farmer

    New toy day

    Why was it used with a Fendt? Dual way rear and front lift raises the tractor from the screen. Just a block of wood or so under the lift arms.
  15. Northern farmer

    Topcon x25 GPS Heading is not working

    The configuration looks fine. Hopefully someone has experience with the X25 and is able to help.
  16. Northern farmer

    Topcon x25 GPS Heading is not working

    You might clarify some background. Smart7 sounds to me like a Novatel Smart7. Is there a Topcon Smart7? Or are you running the X25 from "a foreign" GNSS receiver? Do you mean the Topcon X25 map view is not aligning with the tractor heading or is the tractor heading on the screen off from the...
  17. Northern farmer

    Got my Amatron3 working on a £200 Garmin GPS

    You could have used an Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B receiver and configure what ever is needed for the serial interface (and would have an RTK ready GNSS receiver). Odd if your current one cannot be programmed for 19200. Have you tried standard serial port commands? A simple microcontroller like a...
  18. Northern farmer

    Russian satellites

    I'm sure horses were seen an unnecessarily modern farming aid when bulls were there and managed to handle the hard work? Glonass seems to be fine here (or the same as it has always been). I prefer to make use of existing GNSS systems even if there is a risk that one day I would need to steer...
  19. Northern farmer

    MF Trimble autoguide

    Can you explain how do you expect it would be a step backwards? I understand the software stability or bugs issue but that should gradually go away. The C3000 had SW bugs very recently and hasn't had real fixes since it was discontinued on AGCO tractors. The receiver is very outdated compared to...
  20. Northern farmer

    Fendt RTK no EE signal recognized

    By data card you mean a SIM card for a data terminal? What sort of EE settings have you configured? Don't know EE but google gives me unusual credentials and other settings. Have you checked that EE has the necessary ports open for NTRIP? Should not be an issue if you are using the same RTK...