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  1. DB67

    Wormer at this time of year

    Would the white wormer for nemo be less potent for the more summer type worms that say a clear (cydectin) or yellow wormer at this time of year?
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    Is their a link between father and sons? Mother and sons? Has anyone done research into it?
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    Polaris v mule v gator etc

    In the market for one, had a few on demo. We really need to have a diesel as we are miles from a petrol station and have diesel tanks on farm. Has anyone got any of the above? Polaris don’t get good reviews up here, constant breakdowns. Got a mule on demo at the moment and it’s great to drive...
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    Sheep eating rhodies

    Shifted x ewes onto a fresh field of grass (loads of grass) and for some reason a few have been eating this stupid plant! Lost one yesterday to it and still the odd one bubbling away!? Going to shift them as a precaution now but why on earth would they do this? Is there berries on them at this...
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    Can you feed it to sheep with no real concerns?
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    Got a 2.5 acre field that sits out the way a bit, pain in the arse running ewes and followers into to be honest. We use to mainly for tups over the summer. Have thought about chicory before, as heard it's quite good for tups. Anyone got experience of it? Does soil need to be all signing and...
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    Ewes with balloon tits

    What actually causes it? Can it be from soil or grass? Had a couple ewes in same field last few days. Nightmare.
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    Selling your lambs, a poll!

    Interesting to see how everyone markets their lambs over the course of a year. What's the preferred choice of tff members? Private poll.
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    Can you spread lime on fields being grazed by sheep or cattle or is it advisable not to do so?
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    We have never used it. Would it be a good dose to give lambs at weaning (end of July)? Lambs are looking well after their rycoben (white) drench in May, will be getting a yellow drench at shearing. Always find weaning is a crucial one though.
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    Slightly premature lambs

    Ai'd some ewes (75 ish) and they were due to start probably 7th April (ai'd 13th Nov). However as of today there has been 2 singles born (both dead but decent size) and 2 sets of twins (one set small but fine, and another set, 1 dead 1 Alive atm). I'm slightly concerned as they are defiantly...
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    Farming Eye

    I see it has shut down. Not surprising and they do make mention that social media has meant demand has fallen. It was a great free to view site 3 or 4 years ago and it was updated regularly. It actually got worse when it became a paid for service.
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    Breeding sales

    Ayr sold over 1000 mule ewe lambs to average £82 which was back £18 on year. Over 1000 gimmers averaging £113 which was back £23. A fair drop in the year but last years prices pretty high.
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    Hiring out a bull

    What's the going rate for this? Got a guy who is looking to borrow a bull for about a month as he thinks his own bull has gone infertile. Anyone do this on a regular basis?
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    Your enterprise

    This isn't intended to be a willy waving competition for farm size by the way. More a look at how diverse our sector is in size and types. A brief overview of what your business is and numbers of stock and acres of arable? If your 'part time' or have other work then mention it. I'll kick off...
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    A few tup lambs have this, only flared up in last week, appears to be same breed and possibly same sire. Is there any link? Anyways what's best treatment? Blue spray and pen and strep?
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    Do away with subsidies

    And lower medicine prices. Rid ourselves of tick, scab, lice, bvd, johnes. Give grants for spraying and improving buildings and infrastructure. Rid the countryside of weeds and bracken. Surely this is the way forward. Millions is wasted in the current set up. The amount of money that goes...
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    Lamb percent twins

    What would folk say is a good/bad/indifferent percent of lambs on the ground at marking time from twin lambs. Outside lambing btw. Say 100 ewes carrying twins go into a field, what be everyone's aim at lambings end? 200% (lol) 150? 180? Everyone will have different perceptions I'm sure...
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    How important is this to the grass in the spring? Last year we put soft rock phosphate on a bit later than normal fert. This year the grass just isn't getting away (although it's been cold and wet for a while now and ground is well stocked) so I wonder if not putting P on at usual time has...
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    Mastitis in suckler cow

    One of the best cows (isn't it always) has mastitis in two quarters. Had metacam and alamycin as instructed by vet and the dry cow tube things up both teets. Will do same again tomorrow. Is there any other tips for this? She is in much discomfort.