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  1. Tompkins

    Small arable farm with Phosphorus deficiency Advice

    Depending on which part of Dorset you are I could help with spreading and p-grow supply if needed. Like the others have said, get it tested first!
  2. Tompkins

    MF 6480 Cunningham Cover

    As above, not worried if it says 6475 or whatever on it. Its a Tier 3 2012 model. TIA
  3. Tompkins

    Spreading Fibrophos

    I think if you're going to make such a sweeping statement you ought to at least be a bit more specific....
  4. Tompkins

    MF 6480 wheels/tyres

    600/65R38 and 480/65R28, why?
  5. Tompkins

    MF 6480 wheels/tyres

    Anything considered but ideally 650/65R38 and 540/65R28 on solid centres.
  6. Tompkins

    Massey Ferguson 3635 Project

    Here's my recent purchase, not much wrong with it, just needs a few cosmetic bits sorting out.
  7. Tompkins

    What are people using to test soil Ph

    Sent you a PM.
  8. Tompkins

    400 hp tractors

  9. Tompkins

    Drag chopper pictures

    This was me in 2006, not strictly trailed I know!
  10. Tompkins

    Trailed Weaving Sabre tine idea?

    Along the same lines as an Amazone Cayena?
  11. Tompkins

    Acuspread AS55 lime spreader

    What yr is this spreader please? 2011 ump
  12. Tompkins

    New toy day

    MST I reckon.....:cool:
  13. Tompkins

    MF 8s

    Valtra website says 16th of April.
  14. Tompkins

    What cultivator (excluding Top Down types) do you use to "One Pass" cultivate Over wintered stubbles ready for drilling.

    We once tried a Kockerling Allrounder 6m, looked similar to @Bob lincs Prolander. Really good tool for going straight into stubbles on lighter ground and secondary cultivation on ploughed/min-tilled land.
  15. Tompkins

    MF 8s

    Don't know anything about CNH gearbox, just well read on the E-power!😄
  16. Tompkins

    MF 8s

    As far as I'm aware, the Direct Drive JD has the dual clutch on the powershift steps, meaning there is still a break in drive between ranges. The Dyna E-Power has a dual clutch on the range change, meaning there is no break in drive through all 28 gears. In the main working range it alternates...
  17. Tompkins

    MF 966 loader problem

    Bought a 6480 last year with a 966 loader. I haven't needed to use it much but for some reason sometimes it won't go up and the tilt/crowd and 3rd service is really slow all the time. It seems if I start moving with the tractor the loader will then intermittently rise at full speed but not for...
  18. Tompkins

    John Deere reducing dealerships

  19. Tompkins

    Helmut Claas has died

    Might have something to do with the German government bailing them out all the time...
  20. Tompkins

    Using a hill side combine on flat land.

    Not really, just keep it greased well and make sure there is no build up of crap in any bits that need to move.