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  1. An Gof

    WW T2

    Flag leaf fully emerged on the KWS Extase so the T2 has gone on today. Applying 1.25L/Ha Revystar + 5Kg EpsoTop.
  2. An Gof

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse in government for farmers ……. Neil Parrish

    What a sad state of affairs, looks like we will lose our best ally in Government
  3. An Gof

    New role for Stuart Roberts

    So Stuart Roberts, past NFU Deputy President has taken on a new role. I wish him luck with it.
  4. An Gof

    Which Dash Cam?

    Thinking it may be time to install some dash cams in the cars and land rover. Anyone have any good recommendations and the features that are a must have? TIA
  5. An Gof

    Hand pallet fork trucks - recommendations please

    Looking to purchase a small set of hand pallet fork trucks for the chemical store. Does anyone have any good recommendations on makes and where to buy from.
  6. An Gof

    Inflation, what inflation?

    The Government seems to be I denial of inflation. Well here is the reality on farm for the last 12 months. You all know it but it is frightening. There has to be some big surprises in the shops for consumers.
  7. An Gof

    Vaddy Rapid Box Drill control box HELP

    Been drilling last two days no problems. Start up this morning and the LCD screen on the Control box is completely blank. controll box working ok as tramline lights come on when I advance bout settings but nothing visible on screen at all. Any ideas please? Just disconnected box on put on the...
  8. An Gof

    Southwark Oats TSW

    Finally after a 3 week delay my Southwark seed oats have arrived on farm. I have never seen such a pathetic sample of certified seed. The TSW is 34g 🤦😮 I would be interested in TSW from samples other growers have received. It looks like the seed has been taken from the screenings pile. Is this...
  9. An Gof

    Working Sprocker Pups for sale

    Beautiful litter of Sprocker pups born 30th June and ready now for their new home. Sire Pedigree Cocker Spaniel and dam 3/4 Cocker 1/4 Springer making these pups 7/8 Cocker 1/8 Springer. We have three black dog pups looking for a new home. Both parents are good working dogs. The pups have been...
  10. An Gof

    Here we go again, sprouting wheat 🤦

    Neighbour sent me a text this morning to say that his Sundance wheat has started to sprout. very wet here this morning, we need a rapid change to a long settled spell. August has been another washout so far. 🤞
  11. An Gof

    National Trust or is it “distrust”?

    Interesting article. I’m sure @bluepower will enjoy it if he hasn’t already seen it 😉
  12. An Gof

    Tail docking for working dogs

    How do folk get on with having tails docked on working gungog puppies. I am a bit miffed that my vets, who I consider very much still as a strong agricultural practice have refused to dock tails for a litter of cocker pups. These will be working gundogs and for their own welfare news to have...
  13. An Gof

    Epso Bortop

    Been having some tissue tests done and it seems we are coming up short on Boron. Anyone on here using Epso BorTop? Might be an easy step for me to replace the planned EpsoTop with BorTop. Anyone any practical experience on their crops and have an idea of the price please.
  14. An Gof

    NFU and Red Tractor

    Just opened up my BF&G from NFU and read this article on the recent RT consultation. This is the synopsis that NFU have come up with that they want from RT. So it’s business as usual then 🤦🤦
  15. An Gof

    Machinery dealers/manufactures, have they lost touch with farming reality?

    Had a call from a machinery manufacturers rep suggesting that it might be a really good time to change my machine (telehandler). I explained that it was not on my “to do” list but that if the deal was right I might be persuaded. so the dealer rep turns up and we go through the process. I’m...
  16. An Gof

    Farming Online e-mail problem

    I have been a long time subscriber to Farming Online and have a FOL email account that stretches back around 20 years. I have recently experienced huge problems with this account. Despite the fact that FOL seem capable of producing an invoice for me each year they seem impossible to contact and...
  17. An Gof

    Badger Cull to be phased out

    Not good news
  18. An Gof

    Red Tractor wasting money?

    So Red Tractor have a full page colour advert in today’s Western Morning News 😮. That must have cost a fair bit and I have no doubt similar adverts are being placed in other papers. it’s headed Reap the Rewards with Red Tractor and asks for repost sw to the consultation process. If Red Tractor...
  19. An Gof


    Is anybody using and subscribing to PressReader. It looks a great system, access to a whole range of newspapers and magazine for a monthly fee. Cheaper than subscribing to The Times or The Telegraph online and you would get both. It looks like a bit of a no brainer, i could have all the national...
  20. An Gof

    Cornwall YFC Christmas Carol Service

    Each year at Christmas Cornwall YFC put on a Carol service and living nativity in Truro Cathedral. It’s is recognised by the Cathedral as THE service of the Christmas season. Always full to capacity with over 1000 of the farming and rural community in attendance it truly is a spectacle and...