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  1. BertyTEF

    How bad is this engine?

    Are you sure its not steam,if it stands for long periods it could be moisture being vented as the engine gets warmer?
  2. BertyTEF

    Watson machinery

    Top bloke,normal,down to earth and honest from my experience!
  3. BertyTEF

    Massey Harris Pony - Different models?

    The 821 was a 2 stroke Hanomag diesel i think.
  4. BertyTEF

    JS145 noisy slew

    Slew ring bolts would be worth checking.
  5. BertyTEF

    MF 6140 with 8ft mower conditioner

    I ran my AM243CV on a lamborghini 874-90 it would go as fast as you could stay in the seat but turning corners had your bottom going like a rabbits nose
  6. BertyTEF

    Best ways to stop electric fencer unit being nicked !!!

    We welded an ammo box to a piece of half inch plate about two feet square and put it and battery in it and lock it up,have to move it with loader but cheap and easy.
  7. BertyTEF

    What is min hp needed for 54 inch sawblade?

    A ferguson saw bench is 30" and a Tef is approx 26hp so I would think so if it's sharp and set up ok.
  8. BertyTEF

    David Brown 1390,RWB 281X

    As title really ,just wondered where it was,last known in Ashover area ,Derbyshire.Any help appreciated.
  9. BertyTEF

    Manitou mla 628 120ls transmission

    that's the one,think I will give it a miss,thanks for your help.
  10. BertyTEF

    Manitou mla 628 120ls transmission

    Hello ,first post I've started so excuse any cock ups,I've seen for sale the above machine but the transmission was removed to be overhauled and was stolen,so just wondering what price and availability is like and whether it's a worthwhile project.Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. BertyTEF


    Dealt with them a few times, spot on and a pleasure to deal with.
  12. BertyTEF

    Small engine help

    As Mursal says,just pop silencer off and fire it up for a quick check
  13. BertyTEF

    Small engine help

    Had exactly that on my lads rev 3 ,exhaust was oiled up and blocked with pottering about
  14. BertyTEF

    Small engine help

    Low oil alert switch?
  15. BertyTEF

    Pick Up Flatbed

  16. BertyTEF


    Last night, 3/5/18 Merlo with Manitou headstock 1600hrs ,and Honda foreman LPG quad stolen from hilltop farm Ashover Derbyshire.Any info welcome thanks.
  17. BertyTEF

    Engine head scratch.

    Once did a lister engine for mucktubs skip hire,they had done exactly the same and a ball of spatter was holding the exhaust valve open.
  18. BertyTEF

    JCB X Series

    Junk Constructed Badly :)
  19. BertyTEF

    JCB X Series

    Wasn't there a thwaites alldig?
  20. BertyTEF

    Westwood Tractor Mower - Mobility issues

    Hello ,is the belt stuck to the transmission pulley,have had this a few times.It does sound like that was the issue with the engine end until movement freed it.jack the wheels up and try then and repot back if no luck