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    shipping container

    I have just bought a fairly good container from a specialist supplier - they have had the roof sprayed with foam insulation, they don’t think that spraying the walls is worthwhile, (although they recommend trying to keep an air gap) Their view is that the ceiling is the big problem
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    Security lock on sliding doors

    Lots of good ideas - I would only reiterate that a padlock without a substantial box to protect it is an utter waste of time and money. Box should be made from 10 or 12mm plate. Angle grinders are effective but (obviously) noisy - if a site is remote, then an alarm is really a necessity. Also...
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Even if the war fizzles out over the summer, the damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure will surely take a long time to recover - do you think there will be much wheat and oilseeds moving out either by ship or rail for the foreseeable future?
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    Getting dry

    21mm here in mid-Lincs. Sighs of relief can be heard all around. Sorry for those who missed it
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Right up to a point - except that we have sharp rises in base fert and diesel to price in as well (also general inflation at 10% or so).
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    Part time farming a small arable farm works well in theory, looking at the hours needed - flexibility is the problem though. If you have an off-farm job with set hours it isn’t always as straightforward - my two current issues are fitting in work around weather windows for spraying and trying to...
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    “A” type drying laterals

    Pellcroft still make them. There seem to be plenty around secondhand, lots of people moving away from them - just keep an eye on small ads
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    It may all be a bit academic if Putin declares WW3 on Monday...... (May Day, if you had forgotten)
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    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    The UK unit system dates from a time when most fertilisers arrived in 1 cwt bags - one bag of urea (cwt or 50kg) would give you 46 units of N. A bag of ammonium nitrate would give you 34 units. Multiply by 1.2 to get kg nutrient per ha. In its day it seemed to be easy, now less so.
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    Pesticide Trade Names

    Some years ago, father sprayed a field of oats with Commando - a grass weed herbicide - with predictable results. His excuse? His intended product also began with the letter C .......he retired from the sprayer shortly afterwards.
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    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    Obviously gas price/availability is the key to nitrogen fertiliser supply next season - the footage of war crimes coming out of Ukraine will harden the resolve of Western European states to stop financing Putin's war. Hence next winter will be very tight for energy supplies, agriculture will be...
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    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    As an arable farmer, just start again next autumn, having lost a year of production (with some potential benefits from a year’s fallow) Less straightforward for livestock producers
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    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    While I appreciate the production cycle times of livestock producers, for the arable farmers (especially those without heavy fixed costs), this thread is entirely sensible - I have been giving serious thoughts to the issues for some time.
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    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    I am going to look at Input prices and future wheat prices this autumn; based on this I may not drill any wheat - I anticipate drilling sugar beet and malting barley in the spring. The much discussed issues of very high input prices versus unknown/falling commodity prices (plus the need for a...
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    Question for those of you contract farm , farms, estates etc.

    I think that for many, planning has consisted of thinking 'Oh well, something will turn up'
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    Easy enough to unstrap the cylinder, rock it to feel the lpg slopping around - you will soon learn how a nearly empty cylinder feels.
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    Small universal joint needed urgently.

    I used to enjoy buying bits for the Land Rover and Discovery - everything was so cheap! Trouble is, we were always needing bits - now we have an old Trooper which just keeps going……(I know I will regret writing this)
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    Using old beet seed

    I have a unit of neonic dressed seed left from 2018 - will it be ok to use, or will the germination have dropped too much? Bit late to do a tray test, should have thought earlier!
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    Harvest 2023

    If this is the situation in the autumn, I can see a lot of land not being drilled.
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    Property collspse

    Good luck - if you have knowledgeable tenants they will sit tight for a long time, realising that they hold all the cards. It would hurt, but it might be worth offering some fairly serious money to get them out.