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    Welger 435 baler roller removal.

    I've had bearing go on my baler and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to go about removing the roller please. It's on the inside of the baler, part of the tensioning unit. The pics aren't brilliant I'm afraid.
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    Moreton Morrell

    Apparently there's a page on Facebook doing the rounds with photos from the dark and distance past but I'm not on there. So jumping on the back of a thread that bald r has put up of Harper here's 1987 Moreton, hope it's clear enough.
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    Cousins press

    I have a type 28 press (3.2m) and a neighbour down the road has asked if he could hire it to do 50 acres. What would be a fair rate per acre to charge please.
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    Anyone at the ewe lamb sale today? What was the trade like?
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    Grain moisture

    Could someone tell me what they think would be a safe moisture for sp barley to be stored in a heap for a couple of weeks before drying please. I don't have any fans or spears and it is struggling to get below 16% before about 4pm.
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    Simba press

    Could the collective tell me if this has any monetary value these days and if so what's it worth please.
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    Just been to the local garage to have my wife's car tested and they said as of this morning,if it hasn't already run out, you can delay it for 6 months.
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    Dirty beast.

    has anyone sent an animal to kill that was deemed to dirty and the abattoir clipped it? I have one in a bunch due to go Monday morning. The agent said I would get charged if they had to do it but didn't know the cost, so I was wondering if anyone has been charged lately. All the other cattle are...
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    Abbey 1450, price?

    Could the collective give their valuations on this machine please. Brand new in Dec 2011, was used for approx 4mths and then around 3mths the next winter and the parked inside in full working order. Unfortunately it has lived outside for about 16 months but it all worked about 8 weeks ago when I...
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    Skipton ewe lamb sale

    can any one tell me how the sale went yesterday please. First real sale of ncm lambs of the season.
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    stubble turnips have gone soft/woody.

    I have just got back from checking a bunch of lambs on some roots and I was disappointed to find these recent frosts have hurt the turnips, they are not big bulbs due to the drilling date. My question is will the turnips keep feeding them or is whats left a bit of a right off?
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    continuous maize advice please.

    last year I agreed to rent 72 acres to my dairy farming neighbour for two years for maize. In the autumn he asked for another 17 acres, again not a problem. Yesterday he called for chat and to sound me out about an increase in time he wants to start reseeding his farm by grassing the 17 acres...
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    Environment Agency Inspection

    Anyone had an EA inspection recently? If so what were they like.
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    Secondhand quad

    sadly my old faithful big red has died and l have been looking around for a replacement. I have four dealers within 12 miles of me and all I can find in my price bracket (up to £3000) is a 2010 Suzuki 500. It has power steering,2000 hrs and 11500 miles on the clock, the dealer told me who the...