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  1. Thomas-milmain

    Lane way surface

    What’s the best aggregate surface for a lane leading up to the house? Will be used for cars only? I’ve dug it out and stuck 6 inch of rock in now I’d like to top it with some nice stone. It needs to be practical and appealing on the eye it’s part of the ongoing renovation of the house.
  2. Thomas-milmain

    Deep bed sawdust for dry cows

    My dry cow pen needs new cubicle mats I was just wondering if they would be ok on deep bed sawdust like sand but sawdust? Can’t do sand as all slurry goes to a channel.
  3. Thomas-milmain

    Dry cows on straw courts

    i currently have a dry cow cubicle shed at another steading about a mile away so all cows need transported to and from when they go dry, this is a bit of a pain as it takes time also sometimes cows calf early in cubicles etc etc, What I was thinking was buying a speacial offer shed from local...
  4. Thomas-milmain

    Situation Vacant Herdsperson required

    herdsperson required for modern 400cow Dairy herd in sw Scotland, The cows are housed Ayr and milked 3x a day through at 25/50 parlour currently averaging 11000 litres The job would entail Morning milking and lunchtime milking, milking takes around 2 hours, helping with organising the herd...
  5. Thomas-milmain

    Acr take off settings,

    what’s people’s settings on there acrs? I think I’m over milking the cows on 3x a day and from what I can gather my take off flow rate is 400ml per minute? What can this be pushed to
  6. Thomas-milmain

    Swollen/ hard quarters

    so I’ve been getting cows with swollen quarters either 2 on 1 side or just 1 all low scc cows and negative on California milk test. Any stage of lactation from fresh to stale. Bulk tank scc at 122 this morning, I didn’t think it’s micotoxins as no swollen legs, any thoughts will post some pics...
  7. Thomas-milmain

    Tmr for sheep?

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on it my neighbour and friend has 1400 mules and lambs inside, always a high scanning % 230s 240s, His sheep are all in straw courts with feed Barriers and he feeds the silage with a mixer wagon just now and then feeds cake at the barrier and puts extra troughs out for...
  8. Thomas-milmain


    had very sudden milk loss over the past week could ibr be the cause? We vaccinated with live about a month ago, cows noses very snotty but no coughing? Seems to be hitting freshest cows most?
  9. Thomas-milmain

    How to value silage in the field

    Since my cows are inside this year I have made a lot of silage my pits will be full after 3rd cut I'm now looking to sell my 4th cut how can this be valued fairly for both party's in the field?
  10. Thomas-milmain

    How to get a telegraph pole moved?

    basically I'm widening the entrance to my farm so that I can get artics in and just make it look better in general, The issue is there's a pole in my way it's a telephone cable pole it's really in the way even if I wasn't making the entrance wider it's been touched a few times, how do I get...
  11. Thomas-milmain

    JCB 403 or Schaffer 2336

    anyone running either of these machines or even changed from one to the other? Going to change my current JCB robot 135, to one of the either machines dealer backup is good from both JCB and Schaffer in this area, will be used for scraping and bedding and odd jobs
  12. Thomas-milmain

    Keenan 200

    looking for a bigger keenan, anything considered have a 170 the now so needs to be bigger than that, thanks
  13. Thomas-milmain

    Spring beans wanted

    as above as much as possible
  14. Thomas-milmain

    Pre cast Concrete feed trough/bunker

    anoyone any idea of the cost of a pre cast bunker I'm needing 165ft just to eat from one side
  15. Thomas-milmain

    Feeding dairy X beef calves on adlib milk

    Any tips for feeding calves adlib milk Im hoping to start selling at market so want them looking really well, do people give them water to or just milk? Also calf nuts is it worth while feeding them if they are going at 3,/4 weeks?
  16. Thomas-milmain

    Lely Juno 150

    anyone have one? Good or bad?
  17. Thomas-milmain

    Self-propelled sprayers: John Deere - 5430i

    Self-propelled sprayers: John Deere - 5430i Category: Self-propelled sprayers Manufacturer: John Deere Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: John Deere 5430i sprayer [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via
  18. Thomas-milmain

    14000l bulk milk tank

    wanted 14000l tank may consider something similar give or take a few thousand litres
  19. Thomas-milmain

    3 times a day milking what to expect

    Basically considering 3x milking to get more from what I've got, and if I could get a decent rota and someone willing to do the 3rd milking I think I could work it well for everyone and it might even work out more time off for everybody,
  20. Thomas-milmain

    Crash barriers

    Armco crash barriers wanted aprox 200