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  1. ladycrofter

    Goats, really?

    Anger as estates offer shooting trips to kill wild goats in Scotland From the Herald today 🙄 very poor on all accounts. Is this what relly think of sheep?
  2. ladycrofter

    IM or Subcutaneous does it matter?

    I'm sure it does but was just reading the data sheet for Vitasel: IM or subcutaneous for lambs BUT subcutaneous only for ewes. Can someone please explain?
  3. ladycrofter

    Sheep ear tag problem

    Have just replaced 20% of ear tags in the hoggs. Never had this problem before, using the same tags for years, but this year we put them in the front of the ear (this past Summer). Previously we always put them in the back. A hard warty ring formed around the tag and spread outwards about...
  4. ladycrofter

    Ticks . . . in December

    Couldn't believe it. Found a very active tick on one of the dog's fur yesterday. Doesn't bode well, especially with this weird warm front coming. Thought the freezing temperatures would have put them to sleep for the winter.
  5. ladycrofter

    Apple tree growing thorns

    Saw this at a friend's 🤪, burr on the side of an apple tree throwing out thorn-bearing water shoots. Not a crab apple, good sized eating apples but unknown variety. Well above any graft point. Whatever is happening?!?
  6. ladycrofter

    Collapsed corrugated iron building

    Just looking for thoughts. We have a large dutch barn made from telegraph poles and corrugated. Collapsed many years ago in a storm (before my time here). Most of the sheets (several hundred I reckon) are undamaged. They are held on with those big screw-type nails that don't come out. Is there...
  7. ladycrofter

    Old fert

    While waiting for the fert order to arrive, we've been investigating some old stuff left on the farm. Some under cover, some not. Covered stuff has been mostly dry and spun out ok. Outside stuff - some was dryish, but caked in the spreader so couldn't use it. Other partially open bags have...
  8. ladycrofter

    Lamb with hanging belly

    Has anyone had this? Day or 2 old, well otherwise. Belly not at all bloated, but hanging down as if there is insufficient stomach muscle?? They get Spectam at birth. Cheers
  9. ladycrofter

    Plastic sheep trough

    Someone said Solway?? make plastic sheep troughs but I'm not seeing anything on their website. Has anyone got a supplier for them? Basically like the V- shaped wooden ones but made from that stockboard stuff. Thanks
  10. ladycrofter

    JD 2650 pto stopped working

    Any ideas? Disengaged while turning hay, to go through a gate. Re- engaged and had no drive. PTO spins but can stop it by hand. Same for 540 and 1000. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. ladycrofter

    Photos show twice in a post

    Why? Is it my phone? Whenever someone includes a photo, it shows twice.
  12. ladycrofter

    JCB pin seized

    Need to remove the steering ram on my 3CII as the seal's blown. I cannot get the rod-end pin out. According to the manual the pin should have a split pin through a hole in the lower end, however the lower end only projects about a millimetre beyond the lower flange. No idea what is meant to hold...
  13. ladycrofter

    JD 2650 sloppy steering

    Just a quick question. My 2650 has very sloppy front steering. Power steering is working fine, just that the whole thing wanders about 20 degrees each way and you have to stay on it to keep it from heading for the ditches. What causes this? Thanks
  14. ladycrofter

    Badger faced hill cheviots

    Just wondering if anyone up here (Highlands) has these show up in their flocks? Do they come from white or black parents?
  15. ladycrofter

    AI Training Advice

    Well I've signed up for a 3-day AI training course in December with Embryonics via LANTRA. Not cheap. I know from experience it can be difficult to get someone out for single cows up here and am really looking at that area of work. No vacancies with the big guys Genus Cogent etc. as this is...
  16. ladycrofter

    JD 2650 exhaust rusted on

    Need to replace the exhaust box as the chimney mounting stub coming out of it is nearly broken off. Obviously a problem for previous owner, bunch of welding and patches to try and hold it on, not much left of it to do anything with. Decided to just replace the whole thing. Mounting bolts came...
  17. ladycrofter

    Late calf registration

    I stupidly managed to tag, BVD test and register for subsidy a calf, without actually putting it on CTS. Just discovered I have no passport for it. Born July. Where would I get a DNA test kit, and is it just to test the dam and calf and send the results to BCMS? Do you just pull hair for the DNA...
  18. ladycrofter

    Strip grazing advice

    We are strip grazing in earnest this year and fingers crossed will make i with the cattle to aftermath. What is the expectation before the fence is moved? They are grazing tight down and have access to straw because there is so much clover in the field. Should I expect them to eat thistles...
  19. ladycrofter

    Sunburned teats

    Never had this happen before. Had to get a cow and calf in Friday, she was being a bit kicky with the calf so suspected the start of mastitis, flies were absolutely horrific during the really hot days in spite of pour on and garlic licks. Not flies - her front teats were pretty badly sunburned...
  20. ladycrofter

    05 Ford Ranger Horn Not Working

    So OH has done all the big work to get the truck through it's re-test, but can't get the horn working. Replaced horn, no joy. Fuse okay, also supplies the brake lights which are working. I have a wiring diagram which may be for the US version, but it shows a horn relay. Where is it???? Looked...