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  1. Dave6170

    Hilux problem

    My 2016 hilux has died tonight. It was fine today. Went to it tonight and it wouldn't open on the key button had to put the key into the door lock to open it. No central locking. Wont start, no lights on the dash at all. Strange beeping alarm sound coming from behind the back left seat. I...
  2. Dave6170

    The green planet

    Anyone been watching this? I haven't seen them all. Tonight episode was going so well. Kenyans making seed booms with charcoal and spreading them all over. What a good idea, has anyone done that for spreading cover crops through a fertiliser spreader over here? Then of course the usual dig at...
  3. Dave6170

    Narrow feed passage

    We have a long center feed pass in one of our sheds. We fill it with silage with the loader and what is left in the middle that the cows cant reach has to be graiped in by hand to each side. I'm getting fed up with it. Has anyone got any ideas how to make it easier? Have thought of a V plough...
  4. Dave6170

    Ed sheeran

  5. Dave6170


    Anyone recommend good farming related books? Have got into books this winter for the first time in all my life I have read the resilient farm, dirt to soil and cows save the planet. I have ordered English pastoral aswell. A friend is going to loan me holistic management by Alan savoury.
  6. Dave6170

    Forage rape stalks

    Last couple of years we ve had big crops of rape, dad maintains that the lambs won't do on the stalks once the leaves have been eaten. I just think its a waste. What do others do?
  7. Dave6170

    Heifers bulling

    i have a bunch of heifers running with the bull for 3 weeks now and i have only seen 1 bulling. There are only 11 heifers and 3 cows in the group. I have seen the 3 cows bulling. Getting a bit worried now. They bull is a bit of a laid back dude but i havnt even seen the heifers jumping on each...
  8. Dave6170

    Krm spreader lights

    The lights on my spreader are badly corroded inside. Priced new units at £67 each side. Anyone know of a cheaper alternative? Or even leds?
  9. Dave6170

    Massey 6480 spool slice

    I need a new spool slice for my teir2 6480, standard open center hydraulics. Its the middle spool, no float. It broke last year, at the time a new slice was £450 now they want almost £750! Saying the part has changed. Can a slice ever be fixed? Anyone know where i can get a cheaper part?
  10. Dave6170

    Massey 6480 harsh pto

    Pto engages sharply on my teir 2 6480 and sometimes error t144 comes up. Can it be softened in anyway? Our 5455 engages much more gently
  11. Dave6170

    Macmillan cancer support meat free march I cant quite believe this. We all know someone who has suffered but how is this helping?! Jumping on the bandwagon
  12. Dave6170

    Massey ferguson 5610

    Anybody on here got 1? How do you like it? Only know of 1 locally and he really rates it. Wondering what they are like compared to the 5455
  13. Dave6170

    NSA Highland Sheep Anyone coming up a look? Sure it will be a good day. The people involved are putting a hell of a lot of effort in to it. Come and see that scotland doesnt stop at inverness!
  14. Dave6170

    18.4 r26 12ply tyres

    Looking for a pair of 18.4 r 26 tyres for a shelbourne reynolds muck spreader. Or something similar.
  15. Dave6170

    Massey 6480 handbrake

    My 6480 thinks the handbrake is on and wont move now. I ve tried bypassing the switch on the handbrake lever but no luck. What should i do? Just get it moving today till i can get a mechanic tomorrow.
  16. Dave6170

    Quad trailer

    Anyone recommend a good trailer for behind the quad for carting sheep which the bike can also fit in for behind the pickup? Needs to be 8'x4' really to fit bike in comfortably.
  17. Dave6170

    P and K

    I have had a number of my fields all tested. They are mostly temporary grass with a couple of fields of barley rotated round. Ph is good but P is very low and K is generally L to M+- and 3 are high K. What levels of p and k am i aiming for in a grassland situation? And what are the best...
  18. Dave6170

    Swapping to leds

    Can anyone tell me what the equivalent led would be for a 400w metal halide floodlight? I cant find the lumens of the metal halide online.
  19. Dave6170

    Lambs and brexit

    Sorry folks, just what we need another brexit topic but.. Should we be aiming to get rid of all our hill lambs before the end of march next year? These are small cheviot lambs from our hill flock. Hopefully they will be finished by then. Fingers crossed. The bulk of them usually are but there...
  20. Dave6170

    Loader on mf6480

    Been thinking of changing our 5455 loader tractor for something similar but fresher for a while now. Then i thought of putting a loader on our 6480 and keeping the old 5455. Making more use of it and taking some of the workload off the 5455 Im sure our 6480 has the basic open center pump, would...