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  1. gwi1890

    Share farming/ contract farming sheep

    My landlord bought another farm 5 years ago 100 acres, converted 4 outbuildings into houses rented out at £750pcm, rents the farm out £200per acre and And keeps the BPS , I can’t say I agree with the rent but people are stupid or desperate enough to pay it, it’s unlikely that any form of...
  2. gwi1890

    Tricky Sheep move...

    If the dog has “feel” for sheep and power its a non issue
  3. gwi1890

    Tricky Sheep move...

    A man/woman with One good dog would do the job.
  4. gwi1890

    Cheap 1 year legume

    I put westerwolds and vetch in last and IRG and red clover, IRG and red clover was a overseed job tunred out well, Westerwolds shot to head quickly and could barely see the vetches this was sown into a clean seed bed.
  5. gwi1890

    Grass field price

    I was getting 80an acre for standing crops 5 years ago
  6. gwi1890

    Any one priced clik yet.

    how many ltrs was the zin?
  7. gwi1890

    training sheepdog pup

    Use lighter sheep to get her moving out of the pen, doesn’t matter if she scatters them just keep her moving, all that is is a bit of eye
  8. gwi1890

    Which investment is better currently

    they look well, would sell for goodmoney here, as mentioned above try SellMyLivestock
  9. gwi1890

    training sheepdog pup

    I take a few dogs in to train and people always seem to say this, the dogs capable of this are 1 in 10 but regardless the training method and principle of what the dog needs to do to work is the same, take her out of the round pen, keep things close send her around the sheep stop when she’s...
  10. gwi1890

    Which investment is better currently

    Easy enough to pair ewes & lambs in a field with a dog , even without a dog cant be that hard just open a gate and let a few through to the next field.
  11. gwi1890

    Which investment is better currently

    sell some ewes with lambs at foot, or rotational grazing
  12. gwi1890

    Forage Crops

    TBH I just wanted a quick cover to graze as soon as possible in hindsight the leafy turnip Jupiter would have been better.
  13. gwi1890

    Forage Crops

    Hobson rape and Tyffon stubble tunrips dd last week, samsons or volenda stubble turnips to go in again early august, There’s potential for regrowth with Tyffon apparently, how is this achieved?
  14. gwi1890

    Are references a thing of the past ?

    I’m almost 100% sure that former employers aren’t allowed to give bad references.
  15. gwi1890

    Worm egg counts would this one do?
  16. gwi1890

    Tricky Sheep move...

    6 loads with the trailer doesn’t sound to bad.
  17. gwi1890

    DIY FEC / Mcmaster slides

    Any links to a Microscope on ebay?
  18. gwi1890

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    What ppkg were the 55kg hoggs?
  19. gwi1890

    Wtf are Morrisons thinking

    Buy a coat and gloves next time your there
  20. gwi1890

    Wtf are Morrisons thinking

    we haven’t had heating on since February, there’s a 90 year old woman who lives up the road from us she didn’t know central heating existed.