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  1. zsnotdead

    Orby fullwood key pad feeder

    Just fitted new parlour feeders,orby, I believe Fulwood use a similar keypad. Problem is after 10 or 15 minutes they go to sleep,if your out of parlour or a slow cow they go to sleep, not a big headache but slows down efficient milking, is there any way to change sleep to say 30 minutes
  2. zsnotdead

    Todays penrith machinery auction 25th feb

    Is there an auction report for todays auction, is it live, how can I find out how much a tractor made
  3. zsnotdead

    Milk fever,Ca bolus

    A calcium bolus contains 10 times more calcium than a bottle contains but is it sufficient to get a cow up which is down with milk fever. I always put a bottle in the vein to get them up quick just incase the bolus is not enough, thoughts please, seems to be milk fever season here with cows...
  4. zsnotdead

    Erth Subsoiling after ploughing

    My tractor broke down and I've missed subsoiling a field I want to reseed with grass, I use a 4 keg erth panbuster, has anyone tried subsoiling on ploughed ground. Would you recommend it
  5. zsnotdead

    Case puma multi controller issue

    unfortunately I got some water around my multi controller, forward reverse,gear selection and arms have stopped working, everything looks dry but issues remain, is there a fuse specifically for the multi controller,tractor can more by using shuttle lever and auto function for gearbox. Getting...
  6. zsnotdead

    Rhino batwing topper gearbox

    As above need gearbox for a fr15 model, gearbox is approx 15 inches high,6 bolt mounting and has a 40mm 20 spline input shaft
  7. zsnotdead

    Rhino grass topper gearbox

    Anyone know where I can get parts for a rhino gearbox,topper model no is fr15. Its very similar to a McConnell, but McConnell fit a comma gearbox, it need both internal gears
  8. zsnotdead

    Trailed Vs mounted mower

    What's the advantages/disadvantages of a mounted mower over a trailed, thinking of changing my trailed, mounted are cheaper,lighter weight but have they the same workmate,does a mounted have issues on the corners or just different .looking at a krone
  9. zsnotdead

    John deere 1950 brakes

    My John deere 1950 deluxe scraper tractor, ie cab with heater, is holding a brake slightly. How cab I resolve before I'm demoted to a 2030 cabless model
  10. zsnotdead

    Jf 1050

    Wanted jf 1050 forage harvester,age not really important but must be in good condition. Will travel any distance for correct machine
  11. zsnotdead

    New telehandler tyres

    I'm needing to reboot my jcb310s with new tyres,I'm looking at new Michelin tyres at about 3k,should I consider the semi industrial type tyre at approximately £100 / set more expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives which offer better value for money than Michelin. I must admit the...
  12. zsnotdead

    Jd 6000 series and 10 series

    Where have all the 6000 and 10 series John deeres gone,very hard to find one for sale,you can nearly get more of the older 50 series for sale,good 10 series very hard to find
  13. zsnotdead

    Worming dairy cows

    Is there any advantage to worming cows at drying off time,would 1st calf heifers do any better with worming at drying off. Would it only reduce the cows natural immunity to worms . Never wormed cows before or seen the need
  14. zsnotdead

    Rotavirus question

    If I took a sample of dung from a healthy calf will it contain rotavirus
  15. zsnotdead

    Feeding antibiotic milk to calves

    What if any are the effects of feeding fresh milk containing various antibiotics to calves.has it any adverse effects on good bugs in the calfs stomach. Does it have any negative or positive effects on calf scour,
  16. zsnotdead

    Jcb 310 pivot bushen

    Has anyone changed this bushen. Any pics. Once the drop box is out does the bush go in from inside or outside. I think I can do this with out undoing all hyd pipes???. Told it's a 2k job. Weve rebushed a matbo before. It's on standby for feeding so no big rush on completing the job
  17. zsnotdead

    Twins and fertility

    I've a cow had twins . A bull and a heifer. The heifer is red and white. The bull b and w. Is the heifer fertile. What are the odds of 2 heifers as twins. I have it at 1 in 4 as you can have HH HB BH BB. Or is it 1 in 3 HH BH BB
  18. zsnotdead

    Quickie loaders

    Looking at a 2and hand quickie loader. It come with this joystick. Is it trouble as it looks complicated
  19. zsnotdead

    Turbines. Another fine mess????
  20. zsnotdead

    2015 Jd 6130r

    Looking at a 2015 6130r 4500hrs. Any issues I need to look out for. Tractor has a loader fitted.tls 50k. Tia