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  1. Ducati899


    Muthing topper from YO25 3QQ back to DT10 1HD,anyone? TIA
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    Possible scam

    Does anyone recognise this tractor? Friend has rung as it’s in my village for sale on eBay and he’s interested in it but the pics are definitely not local to me and I’m convinced it’s a scam Thanks
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    Deceiving the consumer

    Bought what we presumed was 100% British (Somerset) Gammon steaks today from a local shop..... but it would seem not once we spotted a label underneath the top one,which although blurry says “midland meat company made using EU&British pork”
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    Sewage treatment plant

    Apologies if not in right section but didn’t know where to put this landlord had a new sewage treatment plant fitted at our property a month ago and it wasn’t wired in properly for a month after being fitted,it serves two houses. since it was wired up last week the smell is unbearable and we...
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    Bateman Automatic yoke Gate

    Wanted,Price for 1 Bateman automatic yoke gate to fit an existing fixed race Many thanks
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    App not available

    Trying to download app on new phone and it keeps saying app is no longer in the App Store,won’t download from iCloud either
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    Stalosan F

    As above,price for a pallet or per bag (15kg) delivered to DT10 Thanks in advance
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    Disco 5 commercial

    Had my truck 4 months now and have clocked 4000 miles,for the last couple weeks it’s been telling me it needs a service even though book says 16000miles or 12 months whatever comes first,OH has taken it in today to LR and they’ve confirmed it needs a oil change and filters!!! I’ve refused to pay...
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    Gator or similar

    are there any hire company’s that people would recommend that hire out said type of vehicle? Father is having a replacement knee at the end of this month and he isn’t going to be to be to get about as a passenger on the quad for a while so thinking of getting one of these for a bit so we can...
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    Angry & disgusted

    Having a quick walk round the fields yesterday with the agronomist,heading back to the truck and we discovered some absolute scum has kindly disposed of two dead lambs in one of the fields,sprayed up with numbers on!!!! To make the whole thing even worse and show the kind of people That are...
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    Anyone seen this issue before,Track spacing and working width both set to 7.5m and saved in machine profile but when you go back where it displays both track width and working width together it is stuck on 30 meters for the working width
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    Michelin website

    Has anyone used this before? I can't seem to enter anything or highlight anything apart from unit system
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    200 litres ad blue,delivered to Dorset DT10
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    JD loader

    Anyone on here use a JD R series loader? Opinions of them greatly appreciated
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    new /SH kit prices

    Had a price last week on a brand new bit of kit which came back at £9750+vat straight deal no trade in,looking about online this morning and a dealer has a machine the exact same for sale,year 2011 for £10785+vat,do some people when looking for machines automatically presume that new kit is too...
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    Michelin xeobib

    Anyone running above mentioned tyre? Looking at changing my JD 6430 and see on spec sheet i can have these in a 650 cheaper than trelleborg 600 tyre,used to run xm108's years ago and was a fantastic tyre,will be doing fert/spraying and drilling,won't be doing hardly any road work either
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    Discovery 4

    Apologies if in wrong section but guessed this is a good place to start I'm towing a trailer on my disco 4 to IOM on Friday but it's just dawned on me I've never seen a trailer light socket on the back!! Is there a kit I need to buy to be able to plug lights in? TIA Ed
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    The irony

    Just seen this and made me chuckle to myself
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    Had a friend message this afternoon asking if he could come see me for a chat,usually he's real chatty and nothing gets him down so knew something was up,was pretty busy but I said pop round,he has a suckler herd and has just had his first TB reactor in 30 years and doesn't know how to cope with...