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  1. Y Fan Wen

    Spear thistles in new ley

    You need to check if forefront is ok thro' a wiper. AFAIK only glypho has the wiper ticket.
  2. Y Fan Wen

    Winter barely (funky)

    You're a l/s farmer. How would it be to whole crop it?
  3. Y Fan Wen

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    Thank you. Less than I recollected. No idea how I would be able to work on that!
  4. Y Fan Wen


    CRD been reviewing this again since 1st November and still no decision. Gibbon in his magnum opus 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' quoted increasing bureaucracy as one of the reasons why the empire could not effectively combat the barbarian hordes. Do we see a pattern here? Currently in...
  5. Y Fan Wen

    SFI Pilot payments

    Just wondering if you were involved in the sfs co-design?
  6. Y Fan Wen

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    In the 19th century, one third of agriculture was dedicated to providing transport.
  7. Y Fan Wen

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    Not often remembered that bread and potatoes were never on ration during ww2. That means your calorie intake was never restricted. On the continent I believe the ration for everyday folks was about 2,000 kcals which is pretty dire.
  8. Y Fan Wen

    Cabless electric tractor

    Not as if it's new technology. There is evidence of distilling from 1st century AD.
  9. Y Fan Wen

    The Uk Could Run Out Of Water In 20 Years? "This isn't a nimby [not in my backyard] project because one of the other sites they originally chose was in a disused quarry, which is also in our area. So we're not against Welsh Water developing in our area, we just don't want it here."
  10. Y Fan Wen

    Getting dry

    Looking at my records we seem to be short about 200mm for the year so far. Really appreciated the soaking we had on the 1st.
  11. Y Fan Wen

    Clarkson on the nail again?

    Does that mean you were 'unwilding' it? Sorry, couldn't resist it. Lovely photos.
  12. Y Fan Wen

    Register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants

    'EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT In order to maintain this system where people were tied to their land, home, jobs, and places of employment, Diocletian transformed the previous ad hoc practice. Workers were organized into guilds and businesses into corporations called collegia. Both became de facto organs...
  13. Y Fan Wen

    We are only hobby farmers in the uk

    Neighbour went to Canada as a lad, in horse work days. He claimed that he would 'plow' out in the morning, have his bait time, and then back in the afternoon. Thats with a 4 horse, 2 furrow plow.
  14. Y Fan Wen


    Hand wiper and glypho? Not hard to make your own out of a paint roller.
  15. Y Fan Wen

    We are only hobby farmers in the uk

    As a Welsh hill farmer, I learned that when I visited an estancia in the Andean foothills which ran 140,000 merinos! I was thinking I would fit straight in with the workforce except for the fact that I can't ride a horse.
  16. Y Fan Wen

    Could you employ 174 people on 240 acres?

    I see, so 174 to do all that means it is very much a shoestring operation.
  17. Y Fan Wen

    Long lasting fence posts (FG2 grant)

    Ffestiniog Railway were using sleepers from Australia at one time, (Jara or Kari?). They reckoned you needed diamond tipped tools to work on them.
  18. Y Fan Wen


    Don't see how she could. She was only working in sheep folds like all us sheep farmers.
  19. Y Fan Wen


    You could try Squire Ultra which is being discussed as an Asulox replacement...
  20. Y Fan Wen

    Are references a thing of the past ?

    'Youu will be most fortunate if you are able to get this person to work for you.'