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  1. coomoo

    Auto scrapers into lagoon

    I’m looking to do two runs of rope scraper directly into a lined lagoon. Has anybody done that or have some pictures. Thanks
  2. coomoo

    What’s in your tank

    Haven’t done this for ages. Shifting all information onto Uniform so had a look. Be quite interesting to see what others have.
  3. coomoo

    Silage clamp

    What a mine field going through clamp designs costs etc. Was going to go earth banks with a centre wall but instead thinking panels 3m high all the way around and a 3m panel centre wall. Before I speak to an engineer anybody done similar. Would be interested to know steel and how big the...
  4. coomoo

    Bull for sale

    Adams Brave selling due to collars going on cows. Worked heifers this summer. No Chad in breeding, 2 year old in Sw Scotland Tb4. Delivery can be organised.
  5. coomoo

    Accommodation on dairy farm

    Whats everyone doing for temporary housing on there dairy units? I know in this area there are a mass of static caravans. Currently on my unit there’s no housing so travel to and from. Local authorities will have none of it regards planning so wondered about something for time being? Any advice...
  6. coomoo

    Social media farms to follow

    Whats some of the best. I follow a few crackers in Ireland who put a lot of effort into it. Kilsunny friesians have some cracking stock.
  7. coomoo

    Heating in a parlour

    Battled through last winters cold snap in parlour without any heat source for when I was milking. Fast forward this morning, first frost of the year and it was Baltic. What’s everyone else doing or options electric panels/blowers etc? Want to keep it simple only a 10/20 swing but it’s open ...
  8. coomoo

    Using collecting area as bull pen/ideas

    With the different threads on electronic heat detection systems, and looking at them myself at this moment cost looks too high without grant funding. One option I’m toying with is a bull pen beside/using collecting area for the bull to pick them on other side of gate. Seen it done on other farms...
  9. coomoo

    NFU membership buying power

    Firstly does Nfu/Snfu still do the deals on vehicles? So for the first time ever looks like we’ll be consolidating from two 4x4s to a fiesta style car and a double cab. Never had one before but looking at Nissan Toyota or Ford. I know this is a hot topic and there all good but opinions would be...
  10. coomoo

    Heat detection- Moocall heat

    Seriously considering a heat detection aid. Anybody using this system, looks good and certainly very cost effective compared heat time.
  11. coomoo

    Automatic/Robotic silage pusher ideas

    Right not sure where to put this. With cows out at grass all day and firing the change of my routine has convinced me I need to look at this. Currently have a converted lawn mower doing a fine job. The problem is not living on site and having cattle over three holdings this job is taking...
  12. coomoo

    New calf shed layout

    Resurrected a thread in buildings and infrastructure but I’ll start one here to get some thoughts. Going ahead with a 60x45 part lean too shed off collecting area for washing etc. Will be a two station volac feeder going in. For quotes/planning set it up three equal pens. How do you all work...
  13. coomoo

    Harmony claw

    Way things have worked over the years always happened to be in parlours with the harmony claw. So couple weeks ago got a second dump bucket and it turned up with new style claw.Because of snow last week swapped it for one that wasn’t working in parlour and really like milking with it the...
  14. coomoo

    Ayrshire cattle

    Never answered your question about Bulls @Big_D In the past I’ve worked with some top Ayrshire herds but avoided using them myself until I was up and running. Looking to dip my toes into the breed now. Any tips/things to look out for tff Ayrshire cow men?
  15. coomoo

    Milk recording and kpi’s

    Nearing the 4 year mark for running these cows. Milk recorded last week so hop in for a look, kpi’s look good but how relevant? 101 milking so looking at both herd sizes.
  16. coomoo

    Cubicle cow signals/improved dimensions lying times

    With cows having been housed full time for a couple of weeks I'm finding myself watching cows more and am now thinking that too many go to cubicles and don't lie down quick enough. Never had tape measure this morning but took a few pictures. Looking for peoples opinions and thought it might be...
  17. coomoo

    That time to be dreaming over 'for sale' farms.....

    Without getting too serious Highland show week always starts to feel like peak season for 'for sale' farms, im a right nosey bugger so up and down the country what's got you swooning? Me, yesterday on faceache (with drone footage) this beauty popped up.... WOW
  18. coomoo

    Silage Analysis'

    This year with Arla advocating a 5 cut forage plan thought it would be interesting to see and compare silage analysis' to see the potential benefits etc. Only one pit here so two cuts done, first done on 1 June, little rain on first 20 acre next day 120 got good. Additive used. crap picture :oops:
  19. coomoo

    Triolet twin tubs etc

    OK this has probably been covered but looking to upsize our mixer to twin so we can feed once a day instead of both milkings. Been quoted 8 cow per cube but heads spinning a bit. Would appreciate peoples average loads for a 14 and 16 cube. Tia
  20. coomoo

    Polytunnels for calf housing

    As per title. Not got one but wondering as going to keep a lot more calves this backend do they work. Cost/ planning etc? Seem them on a couple of farms. Anyone using them and also thoughts on using a heatwave in them? Tia