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    Brexit Analysis

    Sorry folks, still ultra busy dealing with the palliative care relative but thought you might like this. An independent review of possible scenarios.
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    I would like to welcome the appointment of Mr Tillerson as the new US secretary of state. Thanks be for our glorious world President Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin! A new era of serfdom and toil awaits you! Rejoice I say!* *(Possibly sarcasm)
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    Hard Soft Beano or Goldilocks brexit

    The acronyms are flying like confetti at the tory conference. Do any of them mean anything? Probably not IMHO.
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    Too lazy, and too fat.

    According to our glorious leaders we business owners are as described above. North Korean style criticism from our great leaders now. I had hoped Argentina was the country leavers got back but no North Korea it is. Brexit eh...
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    Nul points

    Points based immigration system binned Japan getting ready to move banks and company HQs to the EU market...
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    Brexit Venn

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    Soft Brexit? Hard Brexit?

    This is very good
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    Gove for PM?

    Deleted due to other thread.
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    IDS resigns chaos follows

    What's going on in the Tory party? A full and frank discussion is one thing. This seems personal.
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    What if you lose?

    Given that the vote has not happened yet and it's all to play for I would like to ask another question. What if anything will you do if your chosen side loses?
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    Many of the Brexit bunch want it. What is it?
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    4x4 Vehicles: Isuzu - 2013 Isuzu Dmax

    4x4 Vehicles: Isuzu - 2013 Isuzu Dmax Category: 4x4 Vehicles Manufacturer: Isuzu Price: £14250 Condition: Used Description: Isuzu Dmax Eiger for sale £14250+VAT Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here [SIZE=2]This post was...
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    Winner or loser after reform?

    This is the new CAP payment calculator for Scottish farmers.