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  1. Wbarker96

    Young Huntaway Dog

    8 month old huntaway dog available. Fully vaccinated good with kids and other dogs. Good recall blank canvas otherwise
  2. Wbarker96

    Dairy Dispersal

    Tomorrow (16th August) at Leyburn Auction Mart dairy dispersal on behalf of JH & DS Kirkham, Richmond @12:30pm Full details / catalogue Kirkham Dairy.pdf
  3. Wbarker96

    Cattle Mineral Drench

    Wanting a mineral drench for weaned calves destined for stores in a few months. Any recommendations.
  4. Wbarker96

    Ring Womb

    Had two ewes in the last two days with ring womb. Is there anything causing this or is it just a case of sending them down the road to stop it next year.
  5. Wbarker96

    Mobile Cattle Handling System

    Looking into getting a mobile cattle handling system and wondering what other people have and what they think of them.
  6. Wbarker96

    Dog Fox or Badger

    Found this lamb this mornig. Guessing its one of the above thats caused it. Ewes and lambs wernt mothered up well either making me think its a dog. Also had a lamb go missing at the start of the week and a few more that if they havnt been scanned wrong have also lost a lamb.
  7. Wbarker96

    Calf Won't Suck

    Had a calf born Friday night seemed lively at first but hadn't sucked that night and still cant get it to either on bottle or cow. Don't really know what to do with it. Any ideas?