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    Looking for North Devon, farm

    Posting on behalf of the wider family. Looking for 50-150 acres in North Devon with existing farmhouse, and traditional buildings (converted or unconverted). Sensible budget, confidential enquiries welcomed, no chain to wait for
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    Rent entitlements

    After 20 ha of entitlements for 1 year
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    Ag/Commercial mortgages

    Does anyone have any experience in low deposit mortgages where there is a high amount of business income but the property is also residental? For example poultry unit with a house. We've found somewhere we could potentially buy but high street banks are struggling a bit as the income to pay the...
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    Assessment of governments performance on CAP replacement by Institute for Government

    Frank appraisal, fair to say room for improvement, I would endorse recommendations on p65 & 66
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    Taking out grass ley for cereals

    Grassland farm here got 25 acres that are due to be taken out in September and re-sown, we don't need the fodder so we could crop it and with prices the way they are that looks like an exciting prospect. What should I be looking for when talking to a few local contractors? How do I make sure we...
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    Toyota Hilux - Traction Control Light on

    Have a 2015 Toyota Hilux, 135,000 miles. Today when going round a corner on a dry road at 50mph the traction control kicked in and then later it went on again when turning in the same way, but down hill. The light is now on all the time and traction control isn't working. Any thoughts? Imagine...
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    Are farm children prepared to live off farm?

    Recently helped an internet illiterate neighbour recruit a beef stockmen to help him as he wanted to slow down. Advert clearly stated no accommodation on the farm, but that the salary was significant enough to compensate for that. It's Sussex so not exactly rural, would be a 10-15 minute drive...
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    30 AAx Stores/Calves

    30 AAx Heifers, 6-7 months, TB4, £420. BN443DZ
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    Quad bike air filter full of fuel

    I've bought a second hand Honda TRX 350, it hasn't been used in a while and the last service date on the air filter box was 2016, but I did see it running before I bought it. I've just brought it home run it around the yard once, when I've gone back to it the engine would turn over but not fire...
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    Part-trained dog - W.Sussex

    3-year-old bitch, small-sized Collie. West Sussex. £600 Think this be a similar story that you've heard before, bought this dog 18 months ago to bring on alongside our older dog but have had a baby this Spring and when you're pressed for time you end up bringing the better dog, which means the...
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    John Deere 6230 in-cab brackets

    Struggling to find where I can buy a bracket that I can mount things like baler controls etc any ideas?
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    8 ton feedbin from Windsor to Horsham

    Any idea of cost to move one of these bins from SL39PA to BN443DZ? Small on in the back
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    Kubota operator seat sensor

    Drove my neighbour's tractor to give them a hand, went over a big bump and now the seat sensor keeps going off. Thinks the that no one is in the seat, even when someone is. Does anyone know where the sensor is?
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    Wanted: 30+ weaned dairyXnative calves

    Ideally TB4 but would travel
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    Skilled operator advert, £20,000 a year?

    Saw this job advert on Exmoor Farmers Network, want the applicant to drive a hundred thousand pound machine have extensive experience but only paying £20,000 and you can work Monday to Sunday too! No wonder agriculture has an issue attracting talent, this job would easily be £32-35,000 in an...
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    Malton to West Sussex

    21ft Bale Trailer.
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    Second hand bale trailer?

    I've been looking for the last month for a bale trailer, 20ft, hydraulic brakes, not going to looking to do massive loads just a simple machine. Really struggling. Anyone know anywhere to look?
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    Okehampton to West Sussex

    Bale trailer 23ft
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    Neighbour has redirected overflow of their lake into our field

    Discovered this morning the parish council's contractor has opened a drain into our field. I was alerted to it whilst checking the cattle this morning when I almost became bogged in a once dry part of the field. As we are cutting silage this week I am mightly miffed. I've spoken to the clerk who...
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    25x 380kg stores Wales to Sussex

    Collection LL53 Delivery RH13 Anytime next 2 weeks