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  1. Y Fan Wen

    Push Notifications

    TFF keeps asking for permission to enable these. What are they please?
  2. Y Fan Wen

    Voter ID Several Republican states in the USA are introducing 'Jim Crow' legislation making it harder for voters to successfully cast their vote. No surprise that this Tory...
  3. Y Fan Wen

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Anyone else disgusted over this acquittal? For a 17 year old to be walking the streets equipped as shown in the photos is totally unacceptable never mind being found innocent after shooting 2 (black) people and injuring a 3rd. Black lives don't matter do they, whatever platitudes the...
  4. Y Fan Wen

    Nature Notes

    I thought maybe we could have a recurring thread where we post any interesting bits of info on nature we notice during our every day work. To start; I have been depressed by the fact that last year I didn't hear a single woodpecker drumming or yaffling in our wood despite having all 3 normally...
  5. Y Fan Wen

    Idiot's Guide to Money

    I think my brain is too small to follow this;
  6. Y Fan Wen

    Rural Payments Wales

    How has rpw done for you this year? Had a message 8.55am on Monday saying that it was paid, and the amount, which is more than expected. I won't actually know until this months statement arrives tho'. Anyone remember if this is the loan or the actual payment? I get confused between SP and...
  7. Y Fan Wen

    Overhead FTTP

    There has been talk of fibre coming to the cwm for about 18 months now. One OR engineer told me policy is to provide FTTP everywhere from now on. The little green boxes you see on some poles are now old tech.. Today I spoke to an OR contractor who wished permission to add a couple of extra...
  8. Y Fan Wen

    Is This The Future?
  9. Y Fan Wen

    This Was England

    I watched an interesting little film on Talking Pictures TV this weekend, This Was England 1936. It started out talking about the ebb tide of prosperity in farming, (nothing new there then) and showed a standard Fordson ploughing with no mudguards. Went on to show a flint miner who had a shaft...
  10. Y Fan Wen


    I've just found out that my regular shearer and gang organiser is stuck in NZ. Apart from my having to find someone else, I started to wonder how many nz lads come over on average, so how short staffed are we going to be this season? My ganger usually got 2 or 3 every season.
  11. Y Fan Wen

    Defence Infrastructure Organisation

    I have had my annual letter from the above requesting extension of permission to use 2 bits of land for helicopter training. I was just wondering how many others get the request and give permission?
  12. Y Fan Wen

    Welsh Consultation

    Anyone downloaded and read these? I can't make any sense of them.
  13. Y Fan Wen

    We Three

    We Three, a short about sheep station life in 1950s Australia, is showing on Talking Pictures TV at 10.40 on Sunday morning. My father spent 3 months at Woomera in the '50s so I can see what it was like at that time.
  14. Y Fan Wen

    Welsh BPS payments 2018

    No news here yet, loan or payment. Anyone else anything to report?
  15. Y Fan Wen

    Action Required - Manage My CPH Online

    I've had this letter from RPW and have looked at the relevant part of my online account but I can't see if there is anything I am required to do by Aug 31st. If nothing has changed for years, what action should I take?
  16. Y Fan Wen

    Obviously this is a 'bad' thing!
  17. Y Fan Wen

    VAT Return

    Just been on the hmrc site to do my return and I find that in future after I log in they will send a code to my mobile which I have to add to the login process. Needless to say, I have to drive 2 miles down the cwm in order to get a signal. Guess I will have to visit the little one's house in...
  18. Y Fan Wen

    Bugeiliad Olaf Ewrop

    Interesting programme on s4 c this week, Europe's Last Shepherds. Following sheep and cattle herders who are still following the old transhumance routes of Europe. We get a little look in with film from Bardsey Island and NE...
  19. Y Fan Wen


    I spent 3 weeks in S America in May and here are some of my pictures of farming related subjects; This is the stock of fencing on Mr Hughes farm. No hint of preservative here. Logs just cut out of the woods for poles and sawn droppers for inters.
  20. Y Fan Wen

    In Business

    On Radio 4 at 8.30pm, the future of British farming post b.......