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  1. Mouser

    Lidl reduced meat range

    Remember not so long ago it was good advertising to say your beef was 100% beef! What's this sh17 all about?😡
  2. Mouser

    Pedal tractor

    Struggling to find a larger size pedal tractor for the boy. Very hard to judge size on internet. Anybody got a link/model number for a large size (he's 7) mf or new Holland ?
  3. Mouser

    Contractors plans

    With the covid 19 how do you plan to manage sharing machines, swapping drivers etc? Getting food on the job could be problematic too.
  4. Mouser

    50000 more nurses

    I dont understand what the media find so difficult to understand that they dont all have to be new. Recruiting 30000 and encouraging more to stay rather than leave doesn't seem that complicated to me. Say 20k leave every year and 20k new ones come in at the minute. Over each of the next 5 years...
  5. Mouser

    Quad tyre puncture

    Honda 420 quad, are they likely to be tubeless and if so do them plugs work on them?
  6. Mouser

    Quicke softdrive problem

    Softdrive isn't working on massey/quicke loader. Was told most likely to be burst accumulator but not sure as now and again it seems to come on. Thought it was electrical but power going and stopping as meant to at plug 4 inches from actuator. Took actuator off and put power on and off to see...
  7. Mouser

    Best concrete finish for under straw?

    Any suggestions what best finish would be for straw bedded calve pens to try to keep straw drier for longer but also not a pain to clean out. Pens will be 18'x10' with 8' tank at feed fence so 10' square of concrete to 'drain as much as possible into tank. How much fall can it have without...
  8. Mouser

    Electric pressure washer problem

    Capacitor has exploded /melted. Is this likely to be caused by some other problem or just a case of replace and all will be fine?
  9. Mouser

    Claas 697 service light

    Neighbour has serviced his claas tractor and asked me if I knew how to get service reminder reset. Any help appreciated (y)
  10. Mouser

    Ploughing for grass reseed after Ally

    If a grass field is sprayed with ally to hit docks hard, how long should it be left before ploughing for reseed back to grass?
  11. Mouser

    Kuhn triple mowers

    Anyone know why rear mowers would be falling back on break back system when lifted at headland? Pressure set and working fine when mowing but seems to just flop about when lifted. Thanks
  12. Mouser

    Text input wonky

    Thought my phone was to blame but only happens with tff text input screen. Type a word, hit space and the first letter of the word joins the end like thist. Or if I try to select word from the keyboard options it does something like thithi instead of this. Anybody else having problemsp? On...
  13. Mouser

    Taarup/kverneland tub feeder

    Siloking tub feeder at work has broken all the bolts that hold gearbox to the floor. Got auger out and seems bolt heads have just rotted away and been slack for while until finally weak enough for them all to break. Holes are now well worn and I'm wondering if it's economical just to replace...
  14. Mouser

    New silo.

  15. Mouser

    Fordson, ford, new holland

    Few pics of 'the big 100' at Nutts corner
  16. Mouser

    Building sheds

    Used old wardrobes to make the boyo a wee farm. Santa left a tractor (y)
  17. Mouser

    Reducing water pressure

    What options are there to reduce water pressure to drinkers. Ball cocks last no time with the mains and changing the wee rubber circles all the time to stop tanks filling. Need full pressure at dairy but all drinkers tee off from there. Are those volume washer type pumps with receiver tanks any...
  18. Mouser

    Pictures from the season

    Some good photographers on fb snapped us at work
  19. Mouser

    My local area

    Found this video which shows our beautiful countryside (if you ignore the bloody great road ploughed through the middle of it)
  20. Mouser

    Shogun not available in manual?

    Local stealer on with boss trying to get him to change shogun which he doesn't want to. Dealer then tells him manual gearbox isn't available anymore so if he wants one it will have to be one they have in stock. Anybody know/heard anything about this?