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  1. davieogrutha

    Poultry slats

    Look to get some poultry slats. Have 300 laying hens so looking for around 50 1200x600 slats to go under perches. What's a good slat? and what's a bad slat? And where is the best place to get them from. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. davieogrutha

    Led lights😠

    Just a frustrated rant... Put up a new cattle shed last year. Put led strip lights in as well as 2 little led bulk head lights for night lights. The lights haven't even been running a full year yet and were of during the summer as the cattle were out. Now the cattle are back in the 2 led bulk...
  3. davieogrutha

    Origin fert vs yara/ kemira(cf) fert

    Had experience of both yara and kemira (cf) fert in the past and preferred yara to end up with but with the price rise I got a price for origin fert which is tempting to go with. What's peoples thoughts on their products. Usually bulk by on 20-10-10. But this is 16's I was looking at. Thought...
  4. davieogrutha

    Mchale static wrapper control box settings problems

    Have a static wrapper. Had it just over a year. Bought it second hand. The control box for some reason now keeps resetting itself when switched on. Have to reset the number of wraps and selecting the operating sequence on every startup. Also have to use manual controls after changing wrap for...
  5. davieogrutha

    What like a tractor is a Renault ares 566 rz

    My hand has been forced to look for another tractor. My tractor had a mishap with a fire. Now the insurance has come good I've been on the look out. Came across a Renault ares 566 rz. I know that it's a Claas in old colours but don't know much more about them with reliability and things to look...
  6. davieogrutha

    Rusty hydraulic ram

    Got a hydraulic ram that's starting to show signs of rust appearing. Any tips on how to prevent it from getting any worse?
  7. davieogrutha

    Sumitomo sh75 track digger, advice for buying one

    Looking at a second hand sumitomo sh75 track digger. I'm a novice at diggers but have alot of yard clearing, draining and ditching to do. Is there anything I should be asking/ looking ng out for? Info so far is - 5400h, good rubber tracks, 5', 3'and 1'feet buckets, quick hitch, been told the...
  8. davieogrutha

    Wanted/price for used Kverneland taarup wrapper control box

    Looking for a price for a used control box for a kverneland taarup static wrapper 7558 or if anybody has one for spares, need the screen part to repair the one I have. Thanks
  9. davieogrutha

    Which yeast to use?

    I have used Agri Lloyd yeast for a number of years now and gotten on well with it. At a show this weekend and speaking to a salesman about Diamond XP, supposedly £300-£400 a ton cheaper and very nearly the same product, there's also Biocell yeast which is a different type of yeast but claims...
  10. davieogrutha

    led work lights for the tractor

    Looking to get some new work lights for the tractor. With so many different wattages for the led lights, which would be recommended. Is low wattage lights adequate for the job or should I be looking for something higher?.
  11. davieogrutha

    Is there still demand for pedigree blondes?

    I bought a heifer 10 years ago hoping I would go into breeding a handfull for a side hobby for the farm. It didn't work oot as the heifer had Johnes. This last year or so it's been in the back of my mind to try it again. With a sale coming up at in a couple of weeks I just wondered if there is...
  12. davieogrutha a cloud based management programme

    Hi folks. I've been using this programme for record keeping this last 3 years now. Thought I'd put a post up to say that its maybe worth a look if you are considering looking for an all in one computer programme. It deals with cattle, sheep, accounts, fields, medical, and many...
  13. davieogrutha

    Worth a go- farm management program

    Hi folks. If any body is looking to try a farm management program or looking to change, maybe try having a look at . It's a cloud based program that deals with livestock &accounts plus other things at a competitive price. Been using it for last 3 years and it is continually...