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  1. AGN76

    Electric fence

    Where is the best place to buy a new electric fence set up, and what do I need for 30 untrained yob sucklers? TIA
  2. AGN76

    Another farming Champ?

    Well kinda -I don't think Adele will be going vegan any time soon!
  3. AGN76

    Golden Oldies?

    Just flushed a farm flask out to see what had gone swimming over the years. Other than the obligatory Shottle straw, these came out that I've never heard of - Lord Lilly Sexed Arrowhead Moet Prophet Townson Lindy Any good?
  4. AGN76

    Home Kill

    I've half read enough threads on here to kinda know the answer but - I've just done the school run and 1 of the teachers who is married to a Tunisian wanted to know where she could get a couple of lambs for home slaughter for Eid. I assume she can't?
  5. AGN76

    Wireless router booster

    Tinternet here is on an o2 sim wireless router, but the range is sh1te. Need it to reach the Calving camera about 40 foot away. Can you get a booster for a wireless router? TIA
  6. AGN76


    I want to site 3 IBCs side by side to collect rainwater, with each one feeding the next one. What is the best way to link them up? TIA.
  7. AGN76

    Jacob Ewes

    Anyone know of any Jacob ewes/ewe lambs for sale in North Wales?
  8. AGN76


    Am I writing in bold sometimes and sometimes not?
  9. AGN76

    M&S food

    Really, really impressed by the crimbo food brochure. Half a page of vegan sh1te, the rest is all meat! How nice to see something aimed at the majority instead of pandering to a minority of half wits like everyone else! 👏
  10. AGN76


    Could someone please advise me on a decent, cheap air compressor. Predominantly for skidsteer tyres. Please be aware you will be replying to a total technical dimwit! :asshat:
  11. AGN76

    Lim Semen

    Neuf straws for sale, approx 15 straws. £35 per straw, ovno. Delivery at cost.
  12. AGN76

    Is Cowabunga right

    Is @Cowabunga right, are we doomed? Should we sell everything now whilst there's still a market for stock and land?
  13. AGN76

    Tide Turning?

    Are we finally seeing an acceptance that Mr Stripey isn't the cuddly little innocent victim of the countryside that he's made out to be?
  14. AGN76

    £70 a Bale!

    Heard from 2 different people today that round bale Silage/Haylage around here has been selling for £50 and £60 a bale! One seller has stopped selling at £60 as he expects it to hit £70 a bale!! :eek: Its going to be a long winter for some!!
  15. AGN76

    Throaty Calf

    We have a very strong BB bullcalf approx 8 weeks old and he has started grunting recently. He sounds like one of those Texely things. He's healthy otherwise, stretching when getting up and suckling okay. Ideas? Thanks
  16. AGN76

    Which ai bulls this year?

    With silly season upon us/imminent, and as a nosey git, what bulls will people be using on sucklers this year?
  17. AGN76

    Never been before

    Until Putin's interference the other day I'd never been In here before. I genuinely thought community feedback would be full of newspaper clippings saying farmers are W anchors. A very interesting place (y)
  18. AGN76

    If I bought a cow.......

    for say £1500, put it into my neighbours herd and he kept the milk to cover it's costs, would I get any money back at the end of the year. Or would it be easier to ask how long is a piece of string?? :nailbiting:
  19. AGN76

    Cardiff 17/3

    Anyone know of any accommodation in Cardiff or nearby for 4 people for 1 night on 17th March? I've majorly cocked up and forgotten to book for the rugby! :cry::facepalm:
  20. AGN76

    Guinea Fowl keets

    As above, approx 3/4 months old, as company for lonely hatchling. Thanks.