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  1. BertyTEF

    David Brown 1390,RWB 281X

    As title really ,just wondered where it was,last known in Ashover area ,Derbyshire.Any help appreciated.
  2. BertyTEF

    Manitou mla 628 120ls transmission

    Hello ,first post I've started so excuse any cock ups,I've seen for sale the above machine but the transmission was removed to be overhauled and was stolen,so just wondering what price and availability is like and whether it's a worthwhile project.Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. BertyTEF


    Last night, 3/5/18 Merlo with Manitou headstock 1600hrs ,and Honda foreman LPG quad stolen from hilltop farm Ashover Derbyshire.Any info welcome thanks.