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    Anvil and stand

    Wanted large heavy anvil and stand . If you know of one not being used please PM me. Cash paid.
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    Fiats selling well at auction today

    Farm sale in Shropshire today Fiat f140 £30k Fiat 1280 £16k ish
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    Kramer 407 v Bobcat 38-70 telehandlers

    Now that these have been out a while how are people finding them ?
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    Weidermann telescopic

    Has anyone had a price or ordered the 4t one of these yet ?
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    Twin rake wanted

    As above must be very tidy and low usage. Pls PM what you have.
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    Bunning 105 lowlander

    Anyone have a tidy unabused example for sale ?cheers
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    Zon 4 gas bird scarer

    Does anyone operate one of these and are they any good?Cheers
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    Quiet riding pony.

    Looking for something that is kind natured around 12-13 hands . Will be much loved by two young girls .Pls PM if you know of one for sale ,cheers.
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    Matbro headstock on a John Deere telehandler

    Hi does anyone know if the headstock alters between models ie would a 3400 headstock be the same as a 3420 ?Cheers
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    Wanted ifor gx106 3.5t plant trailer

    Hi wanted as above must be low use and genuine . Thankyou.
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    Cat 408 agri spec telehandler

    Anyone running one of these? On paper it looks a nice machine but dont see many about just wondering if they are any good.
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    Leyland tractor prices

    I often wonder why Leyland tractors dont command proper money like Massey and Ford tractors of the same era. There were thousands of them sold so you'd think that there would be more love and appreciation of the brand. What is it about Leylands that dont get people excited?
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    Kuhn E4834ml

    My mate has the above hedgetrimmer with electric controls he wants to sell .Done low hours and owned from new . What should he be asking bearing in mind new machinery costs and availability?
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    Higher FBTs and larger first payments to the landowners on CFA's.

    Just looking across the pond this seems to be happening on the back of strong commodity prices .How long before the high profits reported on here translate into more aggressive bidding war between agri businesses ? Granted one Swallow doesn't make a summer but planting has been kind for most...
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    Pins and cat3 balls nicked off maschio accord drill South Hereford.

    If anyone knows of the light fingered individual please discretely message me .No police involved and reward .
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    Pedigree Cocker spaniel puppies.

    3 intelligent kc reg pedigree puppies for sale ready to leave in 3 weeks. Outstanding examples from parents with over 70 field trial champions in their pedigree. Pups have been legally docked, vet checked ,microchipped and injected. Used to small children and household noises. One chocolate boy...
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    Ceat Floatmax FT,RT tyres 560/60R22.5

    Does anyone have experience of the above . Got splitting problems with vredestein and getting wary of expensive tyres that dont last. Looked at Ceat in the flesh and spec looks ok but .....bit undecided???
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    Poultry manure

    Has anyone a quantity surplus to their requirements? Please PM me with details Cheers .
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    Toyota Rav or Volvo xc 60

    Looking at both of these at moment(3to4 years old). Used to diesel and open to gearbox options. Has anyone any experiences either positive or negative of the above vehicles?
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    Massey 5455

    A mate is looking at the above tractor are they any good or one to avoid?