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    Cleaning steel before painting

    What do people use to clean off the oily stuff before painting?
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    Galvanizing paint

    Any recommendations for the above? Son is making a quad trailer for a level dt and it's going to be too tall/ wide for the zinc tank in Hereford,not to mention the estimate was fairly hefty😳
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    Irish VAT

    Forgive my ignorance on this,if I buy parts from Ireland that have the VAT included,can I claim it back. Items are priced including vat and no customs to add. Thanks
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    New bale wrapper

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    First time alloy welding

    I have never used a mig but wanted one for a while. My son designed a quad box for his gcse and after months of project work the teacher said it can't be made in school because they don't have the kit🤬. Ordered an rtech 180 inverter with a spool gun last Wednesday afternoon,arrived 9am Thursday...
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    Cheap bearings

    ......and that's why it doesn't save anything putting a cheap cast bearing on a Keenan
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    Ewes not dropping milk

    Three youngish fit ewes lambed last couple of days,two not opening up for lambing and all three not letting milk drop. Guessing a shortage of something but what?
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    Feed bin shutter

    Anyone know where to get a new shutter for this feed.bin outlet? The plastic is fine,just need the metal runner and slide at the bottom
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    Which welding rods

    Always got some 6013 rods for all round fixing etc. Any recommendations for best brand and any other types? No posh oven for storage but kept dry in the house. A shed builder working here years ago left me a box of green coloured rods with no branding on and I've never had as good since.
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    Kuhn mower knives

    Hi all, I have a Kuhn fc283gII with bolt on knives,bought used with these knives that I'm not that impressed with. The book shows a left/right handed type with a twist. Which is best
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    Howard/nordsten parts

    Looking for some seed funnels for a clr300.Any about or know a good source. Thanks
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    Infra red bulbs

    Any advice as to which type is best between red,clear and ceramic? Just for orpan lambs. Last red one only lasted a day but maybe a Friday special. Thanks
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    Keenan weigh box

    Have a digistar 2000 box on the Keenan and it's developed a mind of its own. Turned it on and it was showing "19500 kg overload". Zeroed the clock and the weight was going up and down just parked. Disconnected the weigh bars and still doing it so I've ruled them and wiring out. Anything I can...
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    Bird flu this on BBC news
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    Alternator or wiring?

    Did some feeding with case5130 the other day and the rev counter stopped working. No battery light on and fan belt good. Next day the battery was nearly dead so jumped it. 12.5v showing when stopped and running so it's not charging. Battery light not coming on when it's stopped either. I know...
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    Lamb laxative

    Had a few mismothered lambs and we all know that colostrum is what clears the system out but what to give when nothing's moving and watery mouth is in sight.Usually tube of soapy water uphill to get the black moving but if there's nothing coming, is there anything to give from the top end?
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    PTO shaft drilling

    Any tips for drilling new holes for roll pin. All the bits I've got are rounding off and not even marking the tube
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    Bent my plough

    Twisted the leg on my trusty kverneland conventional. Anyone had success getting one straightened or know a good source of broken ( but straight ) bits? Round beam about 30 years old
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    McConnell rhino gearbox

    Any cheaper source of an outer gearbox for a 9 ft rhino? Can't believe McConnell make them and I can't find a make or number on it. Thanks
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    Muck and Swedes

    Can FYM be spread after drilling Swedes or will it knacker the seedlings? Got some to put in on steep ground that's dodgy to drive on after the muck has been spread but would benefit from the nutrition