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  1. cows sh#t me to tears

    John deere does what Biden can't,Russians%20plunder%20%245M%20farm%20vehicles%20from%20Ukraine%20%2D%2D,they've%20been%20remotely%20disabled&text=(CNN)%20%2D%2D%20Russian%20troops%20in,Ukrainian%20bu...
  2. cows sh#t me to tears

    warning....may contain real milk

    Well , Theres a turn up.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO...
  3. cows sh#t me to tears

    You know Christmas falls on a Saturday when...........

    You find this Saturday morning and it's 4 days minimum before the tire shop opens.....maybe. Had to park mixer tractor within easy reach of air compressor.....hopefully only tomorrow morning to go...
  4. cows sh#t me to tears

    JCB rear pickup hitch. How it should come from factory.

    Got sick of the cable. So set about doing an upgrade. Was simple enough in my head....
  5. cows sh#t me to tears

    500 hr review of JCB 542-70 agripro.

  6. cows sh#t me to tears

    Bse anyone??
  7. cows sh#t me to tears

    Holy bull !
  8. cows sh#t me to tears

    Arduino questions.

    Anyone on here know much about writing code for Arduino projects? Trying to build a temperature sensor using multiple ds18b20 sensors and have it display through a LCD screen. Not having much luck with the two sckethes I found on line to do similar.
  9. cows sh#t me to tears

    Bourgault's new FMS series in either cd or hd.

    Saw these at the Elmore field days today. Both the disc and tine machine were on display. The disc machine was on 6.5 inch spacings and even at 8m in width, folds to just 3 meters. They are being made in Canada at the bourgault facility and are available with different tank sizes 4800ltr or...
  10. cows sh#t me to tears

    Pro series openers

    I'll just leave this here....
  11. cows sh#t me to tears

    750 see boots

    So , had a measure up and it would seem mine are a tad past the best before date :rolleyes:According to the book 287mm and they need changingo_O checked mine and i'm down to 267mm:eek::confused: No wonder i've had a few blocked boots in damp conditions:rolleyes: So, what are people putting on...
  12. cows sh#t me to tears

    MF c1000 screen issues

    Anybody else had any issues with the screen reverting to home page and either booting up again or freezing solid? Dealer has tried reflashing and upgrading software. Didn't work. Replaced screen with brand new one last night and still same issues...Screen was an Agco dealer install , not a...
  13. cows sh#t me to tears

    isobus. c1000 and topcon x30

    So, have had a c1000 screen put in the 7620 and hooked the seeder up for a quick job today. The isobus booted up on the c1000, which i found annoying (but not impossible) to calibrate seeder through the small screen. A call to the dealer and he talked me through how to change the x30 back to...
  14. cows sh#t me to tears

    Play in bushes on 750 press / closing wheel arms.

    As above, can anyone with a new machine tell me how much side play you have in the arms of the closing wheels and press wheels? Am looking at either replacing with greaseless bushes or will be trying another option to make life easier if mine are ok.
  15. cows sh#t me to tears

    750 seed boots blocking.

    Drilling some barley today and was plagued by blockages of the seed boots on the right hand side front . Just seemed to be filling with dirt..thought it may have been fan speed , so upped that difference. The paddock had been pre watered (remember this is Australia and it is Autumn). We...
  16. cows sh#t me to tears

    Constant pressure with a 7600 series MF

    Is anyone running a 7600 series Massey on a 750a ? if so how are you setting the MF up for constant downforce on the openers? I can run the electric remotes on infinite flow but you only need around 5 to 10% flow to maintain pressure. The problem with this is that then the discs are ridiculously...
  17. cows sh#t me to tears

    750a A very different approach

    Finally worked out after 2 years of thinking about it how to reconfigure my drill.