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    White-tailed eagle killed in West Sussex with dangerous banned pesticide
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    Food Processors beg to use Prison Labour Instead of offering good working conditions just use Prisoners instead.
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    Deere, Bear Flag aim to automate tractors as 'fast as possible'
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    Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse This is the impact it'll have on farming
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    Chickens died of thirst and dead birds left to rot at suppliers to Tesco, Sainsbury, Lidl and KFC
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    5,000 burgers a day: World’s first cultured meat-production plant opens in Israel
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    UK supermarket to make plant-based food range cost the same as meat equivalents

    Economics of scale are taking place with meat alternatives, in a few years your average meat free sausage will cost the same as a Meat sausage - subsidies play a role as well...
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    Lynx and wolves could return to England as rewilding task force set up by PM Honestly I think long term this would be a good thing, apex predators are vital for the ecosystem, Yellowstone national park was made vastly more healthy when they...
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    Vegan milk brand Oatly to build its first ever UK factory as British tastes change
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    Satellite tag discovery reveals lengths raptor killers will go to to conceal crimes So when will Estate Landowners be held responsible for any illegal killings on the properties it happens on? Cutting out tags wrapping it...
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    Leaked government dossier warns of army street patrols if second Covid-19 wave and no-deal Brexit hit UK at same time
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    Can an infrastructure stimulus replace UK jobs wiped out by COVID19 crisis?

    Summary: 1.24 million jobs across the UK can be created in the coming two years through a two year emergency clean infrastructure stimulus, reabsorbing workers who have lost employment due to the COVID19 crisis. Our analysis recommends 19 infrastructure projects totalling £85 billion public...
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    Thoughts on 3D printed or Lab grown meats?

    Read this article today 3D printed foods were inevitable but as they used Plant...
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    UK facing worst wheat harvest since 1980s, says farmers' union
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    Coronavirus: London's commuter towns see sharp rise in benefit claims "them scroungers, get a job and get off benefits!" - Guildford 2019 "how do we sign up?" Guildford 2020 Jokes aside, It'll be interesting if there was polling on peoples views towards the welfare net from the past decade and compare it to 2 years from now.
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    England's first wild beavers for 400 years allowed to live on River Otter
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    UK's excess death rate worst in Europe - COVID-19 update

    But hey let's all swarm the beaches
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    Eight people claiming employment support for every vacancy, says thinktank 10 million furloughed and 2.6 million unemployed, many on furlough are already out of jobs but don't know it yet
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    The new "Build, Build, Build" scheme - Skin deep and PR spin Basically what I take imo is that it'll kill off the highstreet- old retail units once converted to homes will never be anything other then homes from then on. Instead of turning the highstreet into centres of community leisure...