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  1. andybk

    Grazing wheat in winter , (golden hoof)

    This poped up on twitter , thought it might be interesting to anyone thinking of doing the same going forward , (i know its been threaded before but couldnt find relevant one )
  2. andybk

    Anyone milking sheep south west ?

    Anyone milking sheep south west ? just dont hear of many doing it , my cousin is looking for a supply , very established cheese maker . any excess can be mopped up by neighbouring national cheese maker .
  3. andybk

    Is there much power requirement difference between a pz165 and 185 drum mower ,

    Is there much power requirement difference between a pz165 and 185 drum mower , only using old tractors (case 1494) here
  4. andybk

    Its ok dont get to hung up on methane Boris , the green (vegetarian) agenda wont like it !
  5. andybk

    David Brown 990 selectamatic clutch replacement , is clutch any different on a industrial spec

    Our 1972 , 990 needs a new clutch , found a new one (not refurb) for a keen price , ours is an industrial , having spent its life in a slumberland feather factory till we got it ,(brakes on all 4 wheels etc ) just making sure clutch is same size as normal one , before i order ,(10"?) and what...
  6. andybk

    Is there much difference between spot on and butox swish , headfly sheep ?

    just going to get some chem for headfly for the rams (wont need it for a bit i hope ) is there much difference in lasting or action, i see butox is a bit weaker ,
  7. andybk

    Where is your wool going this year ?

    shearing under way , is everyone still going to stick with the wool board , or taking it to the Irish ? half a mind to split mine see what the difference is this time , will have about 20+ bags charollais and a few bags zwartbles , Seem to remember i had about £60 last year for dozen bags off...
  8. andybk

    Saw this Massy 3165 digger at a sale

    Saw this 3165 massy at a sale today had 900 hrs doubt genuine started on the button (hardly turned engine)no smoke prob had a engine refurb everything worked well Inc back actor had the rear arms pto etc it made £2500 to neighbour thought was cheap digger , since this covid tax on everything...
  9. andybk

    Anyone got any berberis in their hedges , ?

    Anyone got berberis in their hedges , ? have a pack of them left over and have some gaps to fill , wondered how sheep proof they are
  10. andybk

    Telegraph Article About global food crisis

    credit: liam halligan Even before Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, UK inflation was at a 30-year high. As we emerged from lockdown last year, and demand surged, the economy struggled to respond, pushing prices up. Far from just a British problem, this reflected supply chain pressures...
  11. andybk

    Bypass valve in a spool ?

    Just bought a parmiter log splitter been stood a while , connected it up works OK but when your not using the spool handle the system is pressurised, and I think tractor valve is operating instead , is there supposed to be a bypass in the spool block,, only the one on the wrapper doesn't seem...
  12. andybk

    Huge losses in French fruit production , as severe frost devastates flowering

    Extreme cold following the warmth in March is an 'agricultural disaster' for parts of Europe. Many sensitive crops blossomed early and subject to harsh frost. The timing of this strong cold is horrific, this happened last year too. The agroclimatic situation forecast for the coming night...
  13. andybk

    what Pipe for bulk blown deliveries ?

    currently filling up various bins , some are usually augered in (barley) but with increasing costs bulk blown is cheaper so we need to fit some pipework , its about 10-20m to blow , what piping to get ? only be used once a year so doenst have to be long lasting ,
  14. andybk

    Pink eye !

    Had 4 groups of sheep had some pink eye in , all separate never mixed upto 2 mile apart , wondered if it was that dust we had with last lot of rain , now got it in the lambing shed , fkn plague
  15. andybk

    Darling George has all the answers , put the plough away !

    To be fair he has a point regard growing crops for bio fuel , but would take issue regard vast uplands un cropable , thats why there are sheep there ...
  16. andybk


    Had a 3 or 4 like this lambing this time ,soggy body , pointy head no eyes ,thought it might be ovivac reaction but unvaxed hogg lambed today with one ,all ewes have had a good lamb along with the dodgy one so not a disaster , wondering about schmallenberg ?though i think they both might be...
  17. andybk

    Indoor lambs Cocci

    As a rule we have our lambs out within a week , but this year had to keep them in a bit longer (about a 5 weeks -month) due to having to be off nearby keep quicker and later lambing , i went through lambs and gave a squirt 1-2ml of vecoxin at about 3 weeks old along with first dose of ovivac ...
  18. andybk

    Flexinet spares ,

    I use a couple flexinets (they are yellow ones maybe not flexinet ) to load and unload sheep from keep (they take up no room in the truck ) , ive lost a lot of the bottom tabs that holds the wire down , anyone know where to get replacements , apart from hotline , was a right pain this morning...
  19. andybk

    Quickbooks question

    just entering some sales docs from mart , I put gross figure into QB as a sale , then Put charges/ vat etc in as an expense , All paid into an account with auctioneers name to transfer later , anyone know if i should be putting the expenses in as a minus figure or will QB realise it has to be...
  20. andybk

    Reparing creep feeders

    Anyone have an success mending holes in creep feeders with fibreglass sheets , like the car repair stuff, the riveted steel sheet only seems to last a few years before rust starts again, its always the awkward corners that get it and steel is a pain to shape cr