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  1. graham mc


    is anyone going? for the first time in about 20 years i just cant see the point in going. Its not the distance as ive been before. Just seams to be a lack of excitement this year are big shows a thing of the past??
  2. graham mc

    red tractor sugar beet

    Im not a grower but whats the point of red tractor in sugar when theres not a hope of tracing anything back to the original grower. Wheat intake muddys the water with traceability but surely this is on another level making it impossible????
  3. graham mc

    nfu harvest survey wonder if there is a comments section i was dissapointed the wheat only went upto 15t/ha :)
  4. graham mc

    small seeds cover crop drill

    just thinking about one for mounting on a 6m carrier. any ideas maybe stocks or apv has any one had one recently costs etc? thanks
  5. graham mc

    Irrigation pull out bar

    Seen some that have hydraulic connections to save jumping back into tractor after connecting up. Any pictures on how this is plumbed up please? Just trying to make it a bit easier that's all
  6. graham mc

    RDS Radar

    Does anyone know if one rds radar can be used to control 2 machines such as seeder and fert sprayer on a rape drill subsoiler??
  7. graham mc

    Compressor servicing

    Wondering if anyone can recommend some one to come and service a farm workshop compressor in the sudbury area of suffolk thanks Graham