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  1. Mr Mackay

    Desco power saver control box?

    Hi I don't suppose anyone's got one of these still bolted to the wall or on a shelf at all, please😀 Our Desco bulk tank might be in need of one. Shame not to keep it going😁
  2. Mr Mackay

    Milk transfer levers for jar parlour -Vaccar? Anyone got any please?

    We have a jar Fullwood parlour still ,and having a bit of trouble with the changeover milk transfer lever on our old jar parlour ! If anyone had any kicking about they ight like to part with ,I would be very grateful!! :) We had thought of going direct to line but if I can source one or 2 more...
  3. Mr Mackay

    On Track guidance system -anyone got any views how good they are?

    As per title ,was wondering if the On Trak would be a simple and reasonably cheap enough thing to help my fert application (if it ever gets cheap enough ) but mainly for utilising my smallish crop sprayer to apply seaweed /growth promoters / foliar N and the like ! Will suit me on the tractor...
  4. Mr Mackay

    Ivermectin for treating Covid ???? No - Molnupiravir
  5. Mr Mackay

    Winter shed rent

    We currently are looking like losing our winter (and summer ) accomodation for our heifers (its been on and off for a yr or so ) . :confused: There was an option until Spring time for the new buyers of our old accomodation to let us carry on renting the land and shed but that sale went west...
  6. Mr Mackay

    Metal Halide floodlights

    For sale , 8 Metal Halide floodlights taken down at our bowls club after they had a grant for some LED's They all work fine ,and would suit anyone wanting to convert to an LED cornlamp or use as they are , especially if you have your own electricity generation !! Looking for £10 each or £60...
  7. Mr Mackay

    Clusterflush for a small jar parlour ??

    Wondered if anyone had a comment to make about what might be a suitable clusterlush for a 10/10 herringbone parlour with midjars please? Having looked at some older threads and being users of a Peraspray , would be interested to know if someone had any bright ideas ? I realise they arent a...
  8. Mr Mackay

    Kuhn GF 7902 or 7802 tedder 8 rotors or 6 ??

    We were thinking about getting a tedder to match our new rake . Been looking at the Kuhn GF7902 and GF7802 ,both same width but ones a 6 rotor and ones an 8 ? What has anyone got advice or wisdom :giggle: please ,as to if its better or worth having the 8 rotor over the six ,or not ...
  9. Mr Mackay

    Carier rotary screen cleaning ???

    We run an oldish Carier separator. It works ok but every so often I need to try and clean the blocked holes in the screen because small particles get lodged in the inside of the screen and the efficiency tends to drop off which will lead to it running for up to 30 per cent longer. The...
  10. Mr Mackay

    Bulk tank replacement -Options second hand??

    We have an old 1400 litre Desco bulk tank that we suspect might be getting a small leak on the coil somewhere :oops: Has anyone any ideas as to a smallish tank ,preferably with an ice bank ,that might do the trick ,similar in size and maybe 2000 litres ? Thanks :)
  11. Mr Mackay

    Pump tractor thoughts?

    Have had a seperator for a few years and had a couple of Internationals on it .Both have head probs at the minute and the CX105 has been running it ( We have 3 phase close by but it would cost upwards of 12 000 to fit a 3 phase pump and put the 3 phase in at least) What to peeps consider to be...
  12. Mr Mackay

    Understanding Helicoil dimensions ???

    I am somewhat confused , as I have been looking for a 1/2 inch BSP insert for a Bauer slurry pump that I have ! Ordered 3 of these 1/2" BSP X 1-1/2D Thread Repair Inserts...
  13. Mr Mackay

    Best treatment for protein buildup in bulk tank??

    As the title , what do people find is the best thing to remove the iodine film/protein accumulation inside a bulk tank ? I was led to believe Hypo is good at attcking it ,and I do put a strong hypo solution though the washer every now and again ,but has anyone found a magic solution to it -...
  14. Mr Mackay

    Alfa Laval claws with quick change liners?

    Anyone been trying these new claws and liners out? We saw an example today ,and were intrigued if many folk have found any advantages from them? They are lightweight for sure and the liners just twist in and out ,(and the milk tubes ) , and they are interesting ! Not sure how robust the plastic...
  15. Mr Mackay

    Fly spray dispenser/fogger

    That time of year is here folks and I wondered if anyone has a fly spray dispenser they can recommend please?? We use an old 240 volt Turbair spinning disc applicator when the flies are really bad ,(we do the parlour before the cows come in and it stops a lot that are hiding in the roof waiting...
  16. Mr Mackay

    Mc Hale 991BE prestretcher bearings?

    Just a long shot , has anyone got an idea of what bearings are used in the wrap pre stretcher on the 991 BE machine at all?? On the metal rollers ? I have not got our machine here at present but I need to redo the bearings this yr (they are original ) Not found a diagram in the manual to...
  17. Mr Mackay

    Maize harvesting.

    Someone not far away was out with the chopper and maize header and took a couple of loads of maize from a formally very wet field . 5 months late really - would it be a bad idea to feed that with mould spores on leaves and cobs? Is there anything you could do with it - would it go in a bio...
  18. Mr Mackay

    Fullwood vacuum gate opening valve?

    I was wondering how modern vacuum gate valves work? Our 50 yr old Fullwood parlour has those rods that connect to a black square slider on a brass manifold with the 3 pipes on ! Give trouble when worn I am sure my brother in law said they were obsolete now ,so was wondering if anyone had any...
  19. Mr Mackay

    Compton Oil free Diaphragm Pump lying on your shelf?

    I dont suppose anyone has one of these , they liberated from an old Desco type fibre glass tank at all? Its nearly as old as me , and they pumped air into the jacket to 'wear' at the ice and cool the stainless jacket around it !! Ours has become more noisy , I suspect it could be the bearing I...
  20. Mr Mackay

    Herd companion log in ??

    Can any of you Herd Companion users access your account at all please? I am having great difficulty in getting in , and get • Invalid email or password Have also (as an alternative way in ) asked for a password reminder too (although I know the password 100% ) but it tells me - Error while...