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  1. HarryB97

    Cutting winter barley now, nutritional value?

    I have about 5 acres of winter barley that is full of blackgrass that I want to mow rather than let it seed. The barley is out in ear but no grain fill has occurred yet. What sort of nutritional value could I hope for from it? Top quality silage like grass or more gut fill?
  2. HarryB97

    Spread a bale for round bales?

    Is anyone using a spread a bale on round bales? If so what size works best? Got several neighbours who have them but all use square bales.
  3. HarryB97

    ‘Cheaper’ sources of energy

    Normally our silage is great quality but this year it’s poor so for the first time ever we are having to feed rolled barley, not ideal with barley approaching £250 tonne! Are there any other ‘affordable’ sources of energy out there which are a similar value to barley on a cost per kilo of dry...
  4. HarryB97

    Underground tanks

    Need to install a new underground tank to collect the waste water and effluent from a new calf shed. It will be under the concrete and have several drains running into it. Would people recommend, a plastic or concrete tank? It will be driven over with the forklift etc.
  5. HarryB97

    What to pay an arable farmer per cut of grass

    I'm in talks with some neighbours about them growing two year grass leys for me for silage and I then buy it off them. They want to establish it and fertilise it etc and then sell me the crop which is fine. Would paying on a dry matter basis per tonne be fairest for both parties? If so is there...
  6. HarryB97

    Reducing seed rate on wide row widths

    Currently running 1 inch dutch points on a Horsch Sprinter. Has anyone drilling on wide narrow rows reduced there seed rates due to there being a lot more seed in each row?
  7. HarryB97

    Automatic Calf Feeder setup

    We are looking to change our current feeding system to a fully automated machine to cut down on cleaning time as we currently have 2 heatwaves and 3 JFC mixers. We want to keep using out existing setup as it works well but are not sure about the drainage. How much waste water do these automated...
  8. HarryB97

    Mole Valley sheds any good?

    We are putting up some more sheds and have got quotes from our normal supplier but are also considering Mole Valleys sheds. Has anyone got one and are they pleased with the product and who are they actually manufactured by? I Imagine the same quality shed will be cheaper than our normal supplier...
  9. HarryB97

    Applying no bagged P or K to crops

    I have increasingly been reading that more no till farmers are applying no bagged P or K and find that their indices are not decreasing. Are any members on here finding the same? We have recently moved to no till and the back bone of our rotation is 3-4 year grazed and silaged leys, all straw...
  10. HarryB97

    Do any members have their own butchers shop?

    Our local butcher is thinking of retiring and I have always fancied a butchers shop. It's in the middle of the very busy large village/small town and has been there for decades. We have our own cattle & sheep etc which we could supply to the shop but after rent, business rates and staff etc...
  11. HarryB97

    Hydraulic ram will not extend.

    We have a Mcconnel Pa60e Hy Reach hedge cutter and one of the rams will not extend but It will retract everytime without issue. The control box is fine and we have replaced the valve which controls it but still no luck. Could the ram of broken up inside? All the other rams work fine.
  12. HarryB97

    LD subsoiler vs conventional subsoiler power requirement

    Currently looking at a Grange LD toolbar for using on it's own and attached to the drill. If I can pull a 3 metre 5 leg normal subsoiler would it take much more power to pull an 8 leg 4 metre subsoiler with low disturbance legs on?
  13. HarryB97

    Lucerne herbicide options

    Are there any herbicides that’ll kill grass weeds in a newly established field of Lucerne?
  14. HarryB97

    How long before baling can you apply additive to the swath?

    A neighbour does our silage baling and wrapping but has never applied any addative. Rather than me buy an applicator and put it on his front lincs and wire it in each time I was thinking about mounting it on my front linkage and have the pipes running to the rear of the rake to apply it to the...
  15. HarryB97

    Cheaper & quicker grass establishment?

    Currently we bale the straw, disc twice, do a shallow pass with a power harrow then broadcast twice and roll twice. Whilst this works well it is very time consuming and expensive it also settles out and turns into a spongy wet mess over the winter due to the power harrow making the seed bed so...
  16. HarryB97

    Gallagher Tumblewheels

    How far apart can you space the tumblewheels and will they take polyrope or just polywire?
  17. HarryB97

    1 inch dutch blocking

    I have just got a quote for 1 inch and 2 inch dutch openers. I want one coulter for drilling everything from cereals to beans. How common is it for the 1 inch to block on beans as that's my main concern. The beans will mainy be home saved and cleaned Tundra. I have no problem drilling at 8-10k...
  18. HarryB97

    Hedge cutter ram won’t extend

    We have a McConnel Pa60e Hy reach and the hydraulic ram to extend the arm and head does not extend, it contracts every time though without fail. The control box works fine and we have checked the solenoids and switched them round and put a new valve on but still no luck. The oil level etc is...
  19. HarryB97

    Kuhn Sprayers any good?

    Currently looking for our first ever sprayer and have seen several reasonably priced trailed Kuhns for sale. Don't see many of their sprayers about so are they as good as the rest of their kit or best to avoid them?
  20. HarryB97

    Would dutch openers drill into an established grass ley?

    Am currently torn between buying a Claydon Hybrid or Sprinter ST with dutch openers on. A large part of our rotation are 3-4 year grass leys which are grazed by cattle & sheep as well as silaged so compaction and a thick root mass are both issues. I want to come out of the grass with beans then...