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    Manitou transmission noise

    Those gears would make a hell of a racket
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    telehandler fuel pump+injectors

    Having a similar issue with a tractor at the moment,other than the leak. Is there a good system cleaner to try through it before going to the trouble of getting the pump off?
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    Remember the Eid grants for stick readers etc? One million pounds fund, 1000 claimants got £500 of grant each which means £500,000 went in admin fees. All you had to do to claim was enter your.details on a page of wag website and if you were successful you had an automated email to give the go...
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    That's what I meant about the beer money boys. There's a a lad near here doing it with daddy's diesel, tractor and drill for £20. Busy too
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    There's a lot of teenage farmer's sons going direct drilling contracting for beer money too
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    I got in on the first window because I'd seen what I thought was a loophole that would get spotted. Turns out it didn't spotted so there's a lot of mintill cultivators sitting round not being used
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    Two of my neighbours left it until the last window and didn't get approved because of the points so ended up with nothing
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    This the zagroda we had. There's a row of tines in front of the crumbler which hadn't been fitted in that pic. Wondering about an air seeder to go on it dropping the seeds in where the tines are
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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    Wouldn't be surprised if some wording is altered on specs and prices. Nor sure where I can find a new micro air seeder for £1300ish . More like a fanjet
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    Claas 255 rotocut

    Ours is a 354 but come to think of it I've never seen it go as high as 4/5o clock. About 12 is fine and when it gets up to 3 ish bale is about done
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    Claas 255 rotocut

    Does it do it if you pressure it again? Hot oil will cool and contract once in the baler. If it keeps doing it it's either the ram piston seals or your valve block is still faulty
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    Yamaha quad parts

    Try . They have everything listed so gives you a comparison if nothing else
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    Topper choice

    One of them I'd arrive home pee'd off and the other laughing so yes
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    Claas Rollant 540rc

    McHale rep told me that claas balers spin the bale faster to make up for the lower number of rollers ( can't see why number of rollers makes any difference) which causes more wear and higher power requirements. Then in the next breath he said if you want to do the best job with a McHale run it...
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    Where is your wool going this year ?

    Bags are left here for other farms to collect. Depot manager brought them yesterday and says there's been increases in the prices at every sale. New boss is rationing the amount of better grades put in each auction to stop firms stockpiling, WB are paying in one go now instead of split payments...
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    Claas Rollant 540rc

    The shaft is bolted to the end of the roller now and the steel is a lot thicker but I don't know any more than that
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    Claas Rollant 540rc

    The basic principle of a fixed chamber roller baler hasn't changed since the first ones,so density is just down to how strong the drivetrain is,how much pressure the rollers will take without collapsing and the pressure keeping the door shut. Now claas have strengthened the rollers which were a...
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    Royal Welsh Grassland Event.

    Two young lads from near me are in college there and they only heard about two days before
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    Gatepost ideas

    All box barriers for gates here now
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    Getting bearing off