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    Clipex fencing posts.

    What alternatives are there to clipex posts. I'm sure a saw a diffrent type advertised somewhere , but i cant seem to find them now.
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    Thin inlamb ewes

    A Friends Housed twin lamb ewes are Rapidly Loosing weight/condition despite getting fed very well with silage and high quality Nuts (his ewes are usually overfat if anything) . Post postmortems, blood tests have so far failed to find any thing wrong so far. Mineral levels are good in the...
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    Artic load of fert delivered to Sy19. 7 Ton CAN Rest of load made up of 20-10 -10 Delivery in April.
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    Sports Tractor

    New high speed transport tractor.
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    Welsh livestock movments

    Why do our beloved welsh goverment need to know field numbers (even for tack sheep) for their new simplified movement system.
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    Susuki Jimny

    We Had a Jimny for a Demo yesterday which was fitted with 31x15.5x 15 terra type tires. Fantastic truck when places our Polaris wont touch , on Both wet and very steep sides. Downsides was its Petrol, but worse it was under Powered, Struggling to get out o 1st Low on any Bank. Mostly caused by...
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    We Normally drop a teaser in 17 days before Tups, Would they have an affect if they were turned in a lot earlier. Our tack lambs normally go away early October and are tupped around 15th of November, would the teaser do any good if they went with the Tack lambs early October,?
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    Sheep feeder

    Hi, Does anyone Know of someone that makes Round Bale feeder/ silage feeder , where the Bale is loaded from the top as normal, but the sheep have to eat from the bottom as in the picture below. I could do with one for a square bale thou. Thanks
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    Removing Broken Key

    As above any tips to remove a broken key from a Lock. Thanks
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    I Have a few manuals that might be of intrest to someone. 1. for a Jones "Minor" Baler Mark 2 2. for a McCORMICK B-12 ,B-13 Mounted Plough. 3. David Brown "A" series Plough 4. David brown Cropmaster.
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    Trailer service certificate

    Has any one heard of the requirement to carry one of the above for a ivor williams type trailers. Someone local was pulled by traffic cop and told that one must be carried with the trailer at all times.
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    Tedders: PZ Zweegers - Haybob

    Tedders: PZ Zweegers - Haybob Category: Tedders Manufacturer: PZ Zweegers Price: £1000 Condition: Used Description: Haybob , done little work in very good condition, all original tines . Price £1000 +VAT Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking...
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    Sustainable Production Grant.( wales.)

    Has any body looked into the New ' Sustainable Production Grant.' Scheme for wales. Is it worth the bother.
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    Tedders: PZ Zweegers - Haybob 300

    Tedders: PZ Zweegers - Haybob 300 Category: Tedders Manufacturer: PZ Zweegers Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Pz Haybob in very good condition done very little work , All original tines extra. Price £1000 plus Vat Images: See the full size images for this listing...
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    Merlo 32.6 top

    Been offered a 32.6 top, Are They any better than a standard machine ? The only diffrence i can see is a diffrent hydraulic Pump.
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    Harrington sheep handling trailer

    Harrington Sheep handling trailer in good order (left hand version for left handed persons) £1000