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    things that make you smile

    With a big birthday coming up soon, we took some sneaky pics of Dad proving he could still tackle the rings! Leg raises, one handed pull ups and planking challenges! 😅 He doesn’t know we have uploaded 😅
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    @badger nadgers is this weeks winner with… someone's leaked @Paddington 's browser history.
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    Ineos Grenadier

    This is the payload for the Australian version
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    How long should a machine last

    I purchased 2 new Jcb 3230’s fastrac’s in February 2013 and in April 2014 and one let the engine go with bang with about 2600 hrs on the clock .And Jcb replaced it with a new engine and supplied us with a tractor while it was being done 👍 and not charge me a penny for it they just replaced it...
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    Has the new Ford ranger / vw arrived in the Uk yet?

    We see a ranger on the road today ( in oz )which caught my eye which looked very different so just look on YouTube only can find video from nz
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    Farm digger uses

    Do you spin dry them afterwards?🤣🤣
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    what grinds your gears

    I bet most of them was women ?
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    Clive on Midlands today

    Well done to you 👍🏻 We did a similar thing many years ago in the 80s My nephew and myself saw a van pull up at the side of the road . When we was looking at the cattle , so we went over to look the bloke had the bonnet up so he looked like he’s broken down ,he was unloading rubbish into the...
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    VAT Qualifying

    Before you buy your semi retirement car . Go and see Tom . You probably been already if not go and have a look
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    Ineos Grenadier

    The Australian spec .Australian exchange rate to Stirling is £1.73
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    New toy day

    Looks a very nice purchase you have made 👍🏻
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    World's most Amazing Tractors CH 5 Friday

    We might get a present surprise ? After the program has been aired
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    Weekly Caption Competition

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    Farming Internationally

    Australia in WA in the wheat belt area .
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    Getting bearing off

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    Lack of insects

    Down in Victoria (OZ) at the moment we went for a drive heading for the 12 apostles area and we came across an area where all the trees look like they were dying no foliage .the area covered for quite few miles and no fire damage . I am always inquisitive find out why things are happening so we...
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    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    I can see why they do it.
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    Birds That Choose To Nest In Farm Machinery

    Does not really matter the grease cartridges best before date looks well out of date 🤣
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    Today at work

    Snap so canny JP1 Coming up a track yesterday afternoon thought I would stop and take some pictures of OZ in the autumn (first one is yours)
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    New Fastrac Cab

    (new fastrac many years ago )when it was being tested it was in many colours. there was one near Burford which was green on local estate, and one near Silverstone was red and brown/yellow . Look at the army one on equal size wheels. With any manufacturer never underestimate sneaky things they...