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  1. scholland

    Skyteam 212

    Has anyone tried a skyteam st212? Looks good for farm puttering around, but sure on speed etc. Not much info online either. I think you @Mounty were looking for this type of bike a while back?
  2. scholland

    Small scale grain dryer

    We propcorn our barley normally but I fancy saving a few ton of seed this year, is there a simple and cheap way to dry a few ton? Say 5 ton. No dryers based locally at all. Would a Martin Lishman spear and fan do enough? Hopefully we will cut it pretty dry but it could easily be in the low...
  3. scholland

    Weigh pads

    Is there any (cheap) way to set up a weigh bridge on farm? Won't be used a huge amount but would be really handy at times. Axle weigh pads look fine but aren't cheap.
  4. scholland

    Soil Biology

    I was at a Joel Williams (integrated soils) meeting earlier this week which I found fascinating and a bit mesmerising in parts! Few questions.... Do many measure soil biology and actively try to improve it? By which means? Anyone tried incorporating a carbon whilst spreading bagged fertiliser to...
  5. scholland

    Doug Avery

    The author of the resilient farmer book is coming to do a tour of talks in Scotland. Everyone who has seen him thinks he's a great speaker so get your tickets booked!
  6. scholland

    Borgeby faltdagar

    Anyone been to this event in Sweden? Getting to go in a trip organised by AHDB in a week or so. There is a precision agriculture event the day before the field day. Looks pretty interesting but not really sure what to expect.
  7. scholland


    Have a field of oats undersown with grass and clover, it's there anything to spray knot grass with that won't wipe out the clover, failing that what will kill the knot grass? Thanks
  8. scholland

    Entitlement value

    We are going to buy some entitlements along with the land. Anyone know what they are worth as in in relation to their subsidy value? 1 years payment or need to apply a multiplier? We are in Scotland. Thanks
  9. scholland

    Sheep bud box

    Have often marveled at how well the bud box system works with cattle on YouTube videos. Works for sheep too. First time setting the rappa here in both videos, it really does fill the race effortlessly.
  10. scholland

    Free Farmer Meetings Focus on Maximising Livestock Production from Grass

    Look like interesting meetings and Trevor Cooke is meant to be excellent.
  11. scholland

    Seaweed to cut methane @Kiwi Pete
  12. scholland

    Scotland beef event

    Many folk going to the event at Fans Farm on Thursday?Looks a good set up and very interesting day, i hope. Weather looks not the best though.
  13. scholland

    Monitor farms

    Anyone else going tui be involved with the monitor farm process that's starting in Scotland now? I was at our first meeting on Saturday, over 100 folk there which is a huge turnout for up here. Very interesting day and great to see some enthusiasm about agriculture. Hats off to our hosts for...
  14. scholland

    Sheep double race

    I saw a sheep double race on Facebook that @NZDan shared it really appealed to be so i bodged one together to try it out, this is a prototype and some day, maybe i will refine it..... It worked really well, rappa kit mostly, iae shedder (hopeless thing anyway) cut up to make the funnel. All...
  15. scholland

    Tru Test weigh head

    Hi Looking for an Eziweigh 7, must have Bluetooth built in, anyone have one they would sell? Thanks
  16. scholland

    Puppy transport

    Does anyone transport dogs or know of anyone who does? 3 pups from Wales, 1 to Carlisle other 2 to Aberdeen. Not be ready until the end of January.
  17. scholland

    Are benchmarking targets for suckler cows achievable?
  18. scholland

    Charmoise the product

    Quick background as I've written on here about it before. Bought our first charmoise tup from @b12mct and used him on hoggs. Got 41 in lamb. We sold all the best lambs (average £55 store) and kept 3 little ones for our own use. I am very impressed with the carcase so thought I'd share it! The...
  19. scholland


    The flying vermin are creating quite a problem here just now. We are the only farm with fattening cattle in just now so are the only target for them. There are none in the sheds at night just eating and shitting all day! Do any of the deterrent things work? We tried an ultrasonic one years ago...
  20. scholland

    Seed drill to Scotland

    Quote for a moore seed drill from Lymm WA13 to Aberdeen docks. 4m drill, drawbar folds up so would fit on truck bed and need 4m of space. Thanks