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    600mm plain flat disc

    Looking to source a plain soil leading disc for a drill project that is bigger than the normal range. Using a 460mm plain disc at present and want to try something nearer 600mm. There’s a few around the 500mm diameter but nothing I can find bigger than that. Obviously there’s stud pcd...
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    Pick up truck tool storage ideas?

    Anyone have any bright, simple and ideally affordable solutions for tool and spare parts storage in the load bay for double cab pick up trucks? Obviously initially a pair of knee pads are on the shopping list but I’d like to aim slightly higher. Drawers under false load bed and then a...
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    Imploding vacuum tanker

    Looking for wisdom, failing that ‘quick bodges and creations’. Elderly but functional slurry tanker is beginning to implode. If everything but the tank wasn’t working fine I’d probably scrap the thing but as it only gets occasional use for 3-4 loads at a time the sensible options are limited...
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    Hydraulic weed puller

    Anyone had sight of a weed puller machine? Hydraulically driven with gangs of tyres used to rip out weeds like charlock etc. I’ve made some enquires and they exist but are proving difficult to get hold of. Able to make one in the workshop but would appreciate any information on hydraulic motor...
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    Hedge trimmer brackets.

    Any opinions on the most practical sort of hedge trimmer brackets for axle mounting? Retro fitting a set so exploring all options. In this instance the trimmer is a twyman and the tractor is a t series Valtra. Any pictures obviously appreciated. Thanks.
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    Weed/haulm puller

    Looking for a weed puller for physically pulling charlock out of brassica crops. New, used or even designs to fabricate one for next year! Thanks.
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    Filling quad with petrol from Jerry can.

    Is it just me that finds it almost impossible to fill the quad fuel tank without drips, spills or other general fuel wastage? The tanks aren’t easily accessible and visibility is limited. Quad in question happens to be a Honda but they’re all similar. I usually get a couple of Jerry cans of...
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    Valtra tractor wanted.

    Looking for a 4.9litre block Valtra. N141/142 I’d appreciate any links or information. Thanks
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    AB9 stewardship winter bird food.

    Looking for the usual swift collective knowledge of forum members on a theoretically simple matter.. As I understand the terms and conditions for the above mentioned AB9 bird food stewardship option, I can vary the area in any year as long as I have more than the minimum requirement (2%) to...
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    Yet another ‘what tractor next’ thread..

    Running a middle aged 4 series fendt and looking for a companion so as to spread the work over two tractors rather than swap existing tractor in against another similar. Theoretically I ought to look for something as good if not better in the interests of moving the business forwards, blah blah...
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    Front linkage spring/chain depth set.

    Anyone know of a supplier for a few chain link depth set kits for front linkage? Ideally top link tractor end to lower link machine ends with chain, springs and some form of adjusters for fine tuning. Chains will do the job but I’d like to build in some form of shock absorber for the less...
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    Weatherproof cab for Kubota

    We have a Kubota m series roll frame tractor (2007) and finally time to keep the weather out I think. Anyone know of a cab manufacturer or supplier? Found some Nagkak cabs on similar tractors but no response from the company so far. Any options appreciated.
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    Front linkage for a tractor that already has the manufacturers sub frame.

    Anyone care to share any pearls of wisdom or even tight farmer solutions for sourcing front linkage kit to suit a tractor that as above already has the sub frame? Components required are lift cylinders, link arms, link arm carrier and appropriate hydraulic accumulator. As a spare parts list I...
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    The never ending nice swath thread..

    Crops are light enough and looking to be even lighter in the coming weeks. Rowing up with a twin rotor rake leaves a pretty swath but even running at 300rpm on the pto most rakes will leave a narrow, high swath where grass is light rather than a shallow, wide swath which would suit a wagon or...
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    2019 Winter oats

    Surplus winter oats available. Mid Cornwall 20-30tons 14.5% moisture 45 hectolitre. £130/ton loaded.
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    Short disc mounted air seeder.

    Working my way through this little project. 3 m trailed short disc with full width tyre packer. Up and over rear linkage. Onto this I have an electric fan seeder with accord metering unit. Current head scratching is... 1- Best position for seed spreader plates. Grass seed can go on the...
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    AB12 stewardship bird feed mix

    0.5 ton of AB12 compliant winter supplementary bird feed required. We have trit, oats, and barley in store. Theoretically requiring the additional 30% compliment of white/ Red millet, linseed, OSR, canary seed, nyger seed and sunflower. Haven’t found the exact rules to work within yet but...
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    6 ton braked trailer axle wanted.

    Looking for a braked axle as above to suit a workshop project. Gross weight won’t be more than 5 ton. Width ideally 195cm between hub backplates. Hoping to run on mini super singles or alternative low profile wheels. Isn’t going to do much work but needs to be right! Anything around or a...
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    Hydraulic pressure based load weight monitor.

    Always wanting to know the weight of ‘stuff’ be it grain, bales or even soil. Rarely financially important enough to drag to local weigh bridge and some things can’t easily be balanced on top of the cattle crush weigh scales! With hydraulic pressure gauges now having the option of a few more...
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    Making tax digital software....

    Looks like vat returns need to go on the ‘new’ system. Plan is to keep our simple spreadsheet system and use bridging software to submit returns. We run on excel. Anyone have any recommendations? And yes, this month one is due. Thanks.