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    Reekie 350 webs

    Any one know what the belt width on a Reekie 350 first web should be originally .Having bother with stones getting in the bed between frame and web .Gap between frame and edge of belt is almost 30mm remaining width of belt about 52mm Annoying thing is bars in not bad nick it a 36
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    Portadown to Scotland

    Looking to get a pair of forklift forks from Portadown into Scotland Forks are 4ft long
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    Northamptonshire to Scotland

    Looking to haul 2 forklift forks from Brackley into Scotland Forks are 4ft long
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    Grammer Seat fault

    Grammer seat sitting on its arse won't pump up Checked fuses OK pulled apron of put 12v straight to compressor fired up right away but weird thing is that there is 12v at the pump connectors when you pull the handle but pump does not fire up Any suggestions?
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    Loadall hydralic fan motor

    Does anyone know the make an model of the hydraulic fan motor on a 536-60 its a reversible one. It is leaking at the output seal and spattering the engine in oil. Has anyone tried rebuilding one.i presume if the seal has gone it's down to wear in the internals Thanks
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    Jcb 536-60 Boom Lights

    Anyone wired Boom lights on a 536-60 ? I have the loom but not sure about the routing does it fix on the side or bottom of the Boom. Where does the loom enter the cab and does it have to go the whole way to the fuse panel There is a relay and fuse already installed and a cable already waiting...
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    Find the Nipple

    Have a new to me Jcb 536-60 trying to find the dam grease nipple on the bottom end of the main lift ram. Is it in some weird inaccessible place
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    Joint ill lambs

    Any thoughts on how this is affecting lambs .Always seems to start 7-10days old see lambs trailing a leg / limping .We lamb indoors wonder is there a connection between footrot and lambs getting infected ,the vets reckon could be more likely mastitis link. Tried Draxxin for a longer cover and...
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    Loadall oil spec

    Have a 536-60 loadall 2007 which is due an oil change . The transmission oil in the book says 10W EL4117 but i noticed in an old post someone recommended a 10w TO-4 would Fuchs Titan UTTO T0-4 10W be ok ? I notice that particular Oil is API-GL-4 equivalent as well which is what is recommended...
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    JCB Loadall joystick

    Has anyone ever sourced transmission dump buttons for the joystick on 2007 machine does RS or Farnell do them It's the 2 buttons on the front of the joystick
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    JCB 536-60 AGRI SUPER

    Just got a new (to me) 536-60Agri Super telehandler but no operator's manual .Is it possible to download an operators manual can't see much on the Web. Could anyone even scan a couple of pages showing what all the switches do would be a great help Thanks
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    Side shift for telehandler

    Anyone have a side shift unit for pallet toes on a JCB Q Hitch Is it something that is available or just make one up out of an old forklift carriage For making stacking potato boxes easier
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    Snacker connector

    Having issues with a connector between sheep snacker and a gator. Currently using a 5 pin 3phase 32A plug and socket been working well until this last week Its like the pins are not making a solid contact .Renewed the plug and the socket but works intermittently. If you hold a slight tension on...
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    Used Telehandler for £12,000

    Would it be possible to source a old telehandler on a 12K budget . Something with a reasonably compact footprint and nimble for smaller sheds, but not too heavy for loading bales out in the field . Would also need to be capable of filling a potato planter with a tippler. Been recommended a...
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    Depth Wheels

    Anyone have a couple of stub axles complete with wheels from some scrapped machine ? Looking to make up some Depth wheels preferably from 8 to 12" inch rims
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    Standen Potato Planter

    Does anyone know where I can source 2 cup belts for an old Standen planter the one with the rounded tunnels as opposed to the newer square style.
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    Stub Axles

    Hi Looking for a pair of Stub Axles complete with wheels so I can weld onto a trailer jack to make 2 depth wheels
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    Sheep Roll Comparison/Value

    Hi All Been offered sheep rolls from 2 suppliers Feeding Mules shortly after scanning for a late Feb /Early March Lambing What's thoughts on best value feed
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    Pneumatic Oil Drainer

    Anyone use a Pneumatic oil drainer for draining engines or back ends. Or something easier to handle than a cut down 45 gallon drum. Any suggestions /pics appreciated
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    Combiclamp run up

    Just wondering what people are using for a run up to the combiclamp ? Set up here is small forcing pen immediately behind the ramp up to the clamp ,sometimes works well other times they just circle in the pen and will not go up ramp My clamp is on the ritchey trailer which makes everything a bit...