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  1. JCMaloney

    Hi-tech detecting permission..... Download an app, permission already in place. Detectorists will be "geo-fenced" so you guys know who is where and when. The folk running it take a cut and you can watch who is where from the comfort of your own phone/tablet. All happy with that? :oops::rolleyes:
  2. JCMaloney

    TV Stuff - Land Hire South Leics/Northants

    Bit random as I am !! We done some filming with Suggs (Madness) a while back based around WWII events for the series WW2 Treasure Hunters. There is a further series in the pipeline based on something a bit more historical. Can`t say anymore than that! So if anyone has any arable, rotational...
  3. JCMaloney

    What`s stuck in your field?

    Think this might win! Anyone on here?
  4. JCMaloney

    Mink, Denmark & Covid.

    17 million of the vicious little fudgers...... never knew it was a herd of mink.
  5. JCMaloney


    Underground cannabis grow and a host of other issues. Seems lots of Spanish police joined the party as well. The suspects were released on bail.... clean up cost of £100k. We`ll never...
  6. JCMaloney

    Check your load!

    No winners in this, 1 dead & driver facing death by dangerous driving. Sympathies to everyone involved.
  7. JCMaloney

    NCMD Statement on MD Rallies/Covid-19.

    NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR METAL DETECTING STATEMENT REGARDING CURRENT COVID 19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC* In light of the current sanctions and advice given by the British government we feel it appropriate to offer our own advice to our members. To help stop the spread of coronavirus it is vitally...
  8. JCMaloney

    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    One of the joys of working for the NHS is exposure to lurgy`s. I`m normally in fine fettle, not had a day off sick in my 14 years in the job. Until yesterday. Felt a bit "blurgh" on Monday but thought it was just a cold or the like, no reason to panic. Work on my own in my own office so...
  9. JCMaloney

    Husbands Bosworth Grain Trailer

    Message from LeicsRural Text service. 10 ton trailer with 2 ton of grain in it stolen 27th Feb at around 12.40. Red sided trailer with silver super singles and a black undercarriage. Believed stolen with a flat bed transit and seen on the A4304 at around 12.45.
  10. JCMaloney

    Red Diesel in Birmingham & Sheffield.

    BBC Inside out has a feature on this tonight, there is a clip online. Dodgy Dealings So is this the route stolen red takes or is it being bought "legitimately" then sold on?
  11. JCMaloney

    Prorogation time.....
  12. JCMaloney

    Operation Stock arrests made.

    From faceache.............. One person has been arrested in the West Midlands as police raided four addresses as part of an investigation into the slaughter and illegal butchery of sheep. Officers from Northamptonshire Police and Warwickshire Police executed warrants at addresses in Coventry...
  13. JCMaloney

    Having a "bit of a day" ?

    Somebody was on the A46 round these parts. :(
  14. JCMaloney

    More sheep butchered - Lutterworth

    Picked up from FB: "Nine Sheep Killed and Butchered Near Lutterworth Some time between 21.00 hrs yesterday and 06.00 hrs this morning (29/7/19), unknown offenders entered a field near the A5 between the Gibbet Lane island and Magna Park island, then killed and butchered 2 ewes and 7 lambs. If...
  15. JCMaloney

    Stolen Caravans, Genny`s etc.

    Recovered from our travelling "friends" in the midlands.
  16. JCMaloney

    Telehandler, Desford Leics.

    Anyone lost one? Seems to have appeared in the local shop. Poor family living upstairs got the fright of their lives & were lucky to escape un-injured. :(
  17. JCMaloney

    Saltby Airfield Fire

    Hope its nobody one here. 1,000 tons of bales and tyres on fire. :(
  18. JCMaloney

    OMG... we have a free slot in April 2019

    Our club of nutters have a space on April 7th 2019. Any reasonable distance considered from Leicestershire, Rutland, Staffs, Notts, Lincs,Rutland ....basically within 90 minutes of LE3. :) Anything considered, roughly 1 acre per bod is the rule of thumb, stubble, grass, freshly drilled spring...
  19. JCMaloney

    Inside Europe:Ten Years of Turmoil

    Makes for interesting viewing....... available in Iplayer. Finance vs Politics and some interesting insights from those who were there.........
  20. JCMaloney

    I must be mad.........

    So, been doing this running lark, shifted some spare timber and noticed an increase in stamina and "wellbeing". I was talking to Mrs M about it and she said "Lets do something radical then". She had her second hip done last Summer so has now volunteered/coerced me to do the "Thames Path Hike...