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  1. Jon

    Arag 400s

    Under dosing Will, is that when the boom turns back on as you set back into the field from the headland, takes a while to build working pressure again ? That's what mine does, and blackgrass is rampant until the pressure is built up.
  2. Jon

    NROSO Fiasco

    I have emailed them. I think an earlier post alluded to the 12 month suspension, seems harsh for an accounting error their end.
  3. Jon

    NROSO Fiasco

    I have just had my membership cancelled. Their letter says I cannot joint again for twelve months and this may have a knock on effect for farm assurance. Er, yes I think so. Their tick box suggests I have not paid. But I have. So how am I to market my crops if they will not be covered by red...
  4. Jon

    Wireless weather station

    It is a bugger to do. I nearly messed up the clip things. I kept easing the three slides with a large plumbers wrench to clean the cups.
  5. Jon

    Sencrop signal problems

    That's interesting. Mine has been good until earlier this year, that's when my signal started getting patchy. I did start to wonder if it was anything to do with the war in Ukraine !
  6. Jon

    Border spreading cock up

    I've gone the wrong way round my headlands on some of my fields with my new Bogballe. Left a light green strip.
  7. Jon

    Wireless weather station

    That's interesting. My Windcrop gave up out of warranty, I bought a replacement and the signal is so intermittent, sometimes I cannot get a reading on the app. They have tried to help, and I've moved the station to two other areas around the farm, but not much improvement.
  8. Jon

    Wireless weather station

    Anyone having problems with their weather station signals ? Mine are very patchy now, a real pain.
  9. Jon

    Sencrop signal problems

    Anyone with these devices finding their data transfer is getting erratic ? My weather station can miss hours of signal sometimes.
  10. Jon

    The Digger Picture Thread

    Still going well. Tackling a curved ditch, well I hope it was.
  11. Jon

    20% rent increase.

    I've been asked for an increase and I firmly feel it's not justified. My tenant neighbours were asked for an increase and have settled for a hold.
  12. Jon

    Gem SP Sprayer question.

    This may be of no use at all. Never had a trailed sprayer, but did have a Case mounted. The little compressor they used was in a black box with four screws that had seized. There could be something like this on yours ? It housed a 12 volt compressor that could seize up, but was cheap enough...
  13. Jon

    Is this the last straw for pigs?

    The knock on effect to the mills and beyond is very worrying.
  14. Jon

    The Digger Picture Thread

    Making a difference, hopefully. Bit of a digger in the picture !
  15. Jon

    Tine drills, Which ones would you recommend? And the ones to avoid

    I have a Kuhn Megant 6 meter time drill. Very pleased with it, current one replaces a second hand version of the same. Handles a lot of trash, although the bolts fixing the markers on this new one break, which is frustrating.
  16. Jon

    Hydrovane Compressor Noise

    On my Hydrovane that's an engine powered one, the instructions are to not release pressure when shutting down I can hear something on the pump side while the pressure gradually reduces. Is your oil level correct in the pump ?
  17. Jon

    New Muck Spreader

    Might not be cheapest, but have a look at Agrihire machines. I hire them, they are very good.
  18. Jon

    Valtra 6400 2005 year.

    Take it you've checked the fuses under steering wheel ?
  19. Jon

    Kverneland packomat/plough press

    It was cheaper to replace the whole axle and frame with the rings, than just the rings when I did mine.
  20. Jon

    Red Tractor suspension for a rejected load of grain?

    I cannot believe this to be the case as there is nothing we can do to prevent ergot. I have had loads rejected at feed mills this year and have been redirected to be cleaned.