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  1. Bald Rick

    Ukrainian food article on BBC app.

    I also believe that there is an issue with railway gauge (85mm difference between EU and Soviet era) so there has to be off loading at the border. I also note that there are moves afoot to open a "safe corridor" from Odessa to the Mediterranean using UK and other warships but reliant on (1)...
  2. Bald Rick

    Animal slaughter

    Ours will. And thank God they do as there is nothing worse than waiting for the knacker man if the animal is in pain
  3. Bald Rick

    Yet another mass shooting in the USA

    Put it in to politics @Robt as it sits better here if you don't mind Gun control will never happen in US but I'm almost certain that the Founding Fathers did not envisage semi auto rifles in their "Right to Bear Arms" declaration
  4. Bald Rick


    Will be a Winter of Discontent I fully expect rioting by August too We ain't seen nothing yet
  5. Bald Rick

    Wild camping

    There is always an upside Too windy on the Sainted Isle for anything less than a winnebago
  6. Bald Rick

    Monkey Pox

    Seems to affect mostly gay men atm. Have to watch out for blisters on the genitals There is a vaccine though and already being dished out to sexual health workers
  7. Bald Rick

    I'm not sure as dairy farmers we work as hard as we think

    That's them. Came with father. Had to translate for my builder when they wanted something Never seen such graft... and no ear defenders IIRC one had to go home to docs with diabetes. And they got done for overloaded transit
  8. Bald Rick

    I'm not sure as dairy farmers we work as hard as we think

    You should have seen the Irish gang that out in our cubicles …. Red Bull and Hasheesh got them working 18 hour days
  9. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    Pfft. I laugh at 50p
  10. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    You can stick anything remotely vehicular and powered by electricity where the sun don't shine .................
  11. Bald Rick

    The war in Ukraine...

    One has to be careful to accept the report as gospel until it is verified by an independent source such as Red Cross or Medicine sans frontier BUT it does appear that we are dealing with sub humans
  12. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    How I wish we didn't but we do mainly because contractors &/or the weather aren't reliable enough so we do a lot "in house" with power to add
  13. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    Quad or UTV would be very handy for: to pull umbilical pipe around or to rush to a burst. Transporting calves to the baby unit Moving small batches of calves about in a LGP trailer Crop walk Run to the local ag merchant (lot cheaper than the pick up) Herd escapees Shelter in when it's...
  14. Bald Rick

    The war in Ukraine...

    A one-year-old boy died from his injuries after being raped by Russian soldiers, Ukraine has claimed. The boy was among more than 60 reports of rape in two days, which also included two 10-year-old boys from newly-liberated villages in the Kharkiv region, according to the Ukrainian Ombudswoman...
  15. Bald Rick

    my dairy has been going downhill for years

    Saw that the OP used "troll" in his/her login which raised my suspicions but think we've gone as far as necessary now (y) Thanks for all the sensible inputs. Farming is mentally knackering enough without these "laughs"
  16. Bald Rick

    Milk Price Tracker

    I see that the AHDB levy is not being VAT charged from April 1st
  17. Bald Rick

    BFU in FG

    Well done “spokesperson“ Lets hope the tenners start rolling in
  18. Bald Rick

    New toy day

    shurely you browse and watch media in your own time so why not just use a computer and/or iPad and have a phone that fits in to the top pocket of your shirt (with vibration on to pleasure the nipple … so I’m told)
  19. Bald Rick

    New toy day

    Can’t be much smaller than an iPad …. Chuffing ridiculous size of these things now
  20. Bald Rick

    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    NFU Cymru sent me a text as soon as the grant was released. (of course, that would be the useless union …..)