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  1. marco

    It's bloody annoying

    Anyone else get this problem using tff on mobile? When a page loads, just as you go to tap on a thread an ad appears and moves everything down. So you nearly always tap on the wrong thread.
  2. marco

    Is the ford F-150 lightning the electric vehicle we have all been waiting for? Prices starting at €36,000, £31,000 Range 350 miles for the base model. I'd buy one, would you?
  3. marco

    Dart guns? Anyone using them?

    I think they would be very handy if a group of animals were far away or alot of work to get in if you had to treat one animal. Anyone got one or use alternatives
  4. marco

    Will an evergrande collapse spark a downturn If it collapsed will it pull back an overheating global economy?
  5. marco

    Rh wiper arm JD 3350

    Looking for the double armed wiper blade holder off a 3350. Prices seem to be in the 200s. Anyone know of a cheaper source? You'd think 40 or 50 would be enough.
  6. marco

    Liming group calving pens with walk behind spreader?

    Would the walk behind spreaders that gardeners use be able to spread hydrated lime? Would be great for speeding up the job
  7. marco

    6 inch layflat pipe.

    Looking for the blue layflat pipe to transfer slurry between tanks. Run is about 100meters. Where do people get theirs from?
  8. marco

    Case farmall 105u What are these like? Neighbour is looking at one. Anyone have one/had one.
  9. marco

    Looking for a loader tractor

    A friend is looking for a loader tractor, JD 6420/30 size. Low hours with a budget of 35-40k does anyone know of anything suitable?
  10. marco

    Best headstock for telehandlers?

    What's the best headstock for ease of hooking up, strength etc?
  11. marco

    Hunt sabs get hit by tractor Views? Fight fire with fire? @agri knives will be happy
  12. marco

    Bobcat /Massey Ferguson telehandlers

    Is anyone here currently running one of these? Anything to look out for? Pros cons. I know of one guy who is running a 2.6 ton 6 meter and is very happy with it. Currently running a 5 year warranty and 5 year 0%finance offer so maybe instead of buying a second hand telehandler this might be...
  13. marco

    Wanted John Deere 3420

    I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a clean low(ISH) hour 3420 coming up for sale can you let me know guys. Hard to find at this stage but somebody might know someone thinking of selling.
  14. marco

    Band castrating 4 to 5 month old bulls

    Is anyone here successfully doing this? Any issues with clostridium or other calf issues? Always used the burdizzo here but looking for other options. Vet mentioned the band's so wanted to see if anyone has practical experience.
  15. marco

    Any JD 3800 or 3420 for sale?

    Does anyone know of any nice John Deere 3800 or 3420 for sale either privately or at dealers? I'd like a clean one that's been minded.
  16. marco

    Clipex 900 series cattle crush

    Has anyone here bought or use any of the clipex cattle crushes?
  17. marco

    Ford bronco

  18. marco

    Manitou MLT 627 Turbo

    What are they like? Any experience with them?
  19. marco

    new phone for 250€?

    I'm going to replace my current phone (huawei) i'd like to stay android with the least amount of bloat ware. my last two phones were huawei and have been excellent as they lasted 3-4 years, but the battery is giving up. And the donald has taken a dislike to them and stopped them using android...
  20. marco

    Jd 6810 cutting out when hot?

    What could be the cause of a tractor to cut out when it gets hot? Injection pump has been changed but did not cure the problem.